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Sunday, October 1, 2017

September wrap-up and looking ahead to October

September was a pretty uneventful month. Didn't see too much happening. We had some feeding therapy visits for Silas and he had an ear infection. He had a neurology and neurosurgery appointment on the 28. Everyone else stayed healthy and didn't have any doctor appointments. As far as activities go, we had a relatively slow month. At the beginning of the month we made a trip to the Ohio Renaissance Fair. That was very enjoyable and you can check out my blog post from that here. I also got to go to my first concert in a while, Ryan Upchurch.

September was also Chiari Awareness month. If you don't know what Chiari is you can check out this post.  Also on September 30 we celebrated our Son Oscar's 4th birthday in heaven. That is always a hard time for us. We celebrate him with a birthday cake and balloon release every year.

October holds a lot for us. On the 5th we are going to the Cincinnati Zoo for a fall field trip for the girls school, OHVA. On the 6th we will be attending a preview of the Wicked Woods exhibit at Indianapolis Children's Museum. Kaya has her rheumatology/pt appointment on the 10. We should be getting her some orthotics ordered for her flat feet at that appointment. On the 16 Silas follows up with the CP clinic and then he sees pt on the 17. Me and my hubby will celebrate 8 years of marriage on the 19!! Those 8 years went by really fast. That weekend after is the annual Minges Weber festival. This is a local fair with games, rides, and lots of shopping and food. Lookout for a post later this month. Of course with the end of the month comes Halloween. Bella wants to be Rainbow Dash, Kaya wants to be Hermoine from Harry Potter, Louie wants to be Superman or Spiderman and Silas wants to be a fireman. Lookout for a post on Halloween come November.
Thanks for reading and I will keep everyone updated.

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