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Monday, October 30, 2017

What to pack for your Disney vacation....with extras for special needs

Here is a list of items to be sure to pack for your Disney trip

1. smartphone or tablet loaded with the My Disney Experience App
2. camera
3. chargers for all electronics
4. magic bands
5. print out with fast passes and any reservation times
6. park tickets
7. flight info/tickets
8. hotel info

1. comfortable shoes for walking the parks
2. flip flops or sandals for the pools
3. swim suits
4. hoodie or light jacket in case it gets chilly
5. poncho for pop up rain or wet rides
6. an outfit for each day tshirts are usually best pants or shorts depending on time of year
7. underwear and socks\
8. dressy outfit for nice restaurants
9, pjs

Health and Beauty/Extras
1. Sunglasses
2. Sunscreen-for adults and kids, make sure its waterproof
3. misting fan for hot days
4. backpack for the parks
5. pennies and quarters for the pressed penny machines
6. trading pins
7. aloe for sunburns
8. any special shampoo, soap items you use/want
9. brush/comb
10. water bottles
11. hand sanitizer
12. bandaids
13. benedryl, tylenol
14. toothbrush and toothpaste
15. lotion
16. deodorant
17. mouthwash
18. soap/body wash
19. kids shampoo
20. makeup and makeup remover

Special Needs
1. Travel letter from your doctor for emergencies
2. any medicines you take- make sure you have enough for each day you will be there plus some extra in case of emergency
3. any equipment you may need such as feeding pumps, feeding bags, syringes, extra buttons, breathing machines, glucose meters, anything you use every day or may need
4. extra batteries for equipment
5. insurance cards
6. wheelchair if needed
7. handicap placard
8. weighted blanket if needed
9. if you have a service animal, anything they may need (food, bowl, vest, leash, etc)

For babies and kids
1. stroller- there are rentals but it's good to have one you are comfortable with and that stands out
2. autograph books and pens for signing
3. diapers and wipes
4. swim diapers
5. pool floaties
6. snacks for travel
7. activities for travel
8. pacifiers
9. bottles and formula, sippy cups
10. baby food
11. bibs
12. plenty of clothes
13. blanket

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