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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Practice Makes Perfect During the Pandemic

 Have your kids been missing out on dance lessons? While the pandemic has thrown off

everyone’s regimen, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up a semblance of your old routine. In

fact, now might be the ideal time to set up a studio space to play with some styles — try a few

new steps and work on your form. While it won’t replace formal instruction, when you can return

to the studio, you’ll be ready to dance up a storm with these tips courtesy of Crazy Mommy!

Hone Skills and Learn New Ones

Trying to establish an in-home routine isn’t the same as going to a professional. Your dance

buddies aren’t there, the instructors can’t engage you directly, and you don’t have the space

and equipment that a professional studio offers. However, the next best thing is in-home

practice, and that begins with finding your inspiration.

● Stream sessions. You don’t have to totally miss out on the studio since you can

participate in fun virtual classes.

● Embrace a classic. Ballet is centuries old and still alive and well, and the basics carry

over into other dance styles.

● Try new flavors. If your home routine gets dull, spice it up with a little salsa.

● Add old school moves. Give the 90s a nod by tossing some hip hop into your regimen.

● Click and clack away. Just for kicks, another idea is to toss in some tap.

Your Space, Your Way

Having your own studio space tailored to your needs ensures you can practice whenever

inspiration strikes. Contemplate what areas in your home are out of the way and underused,

and think about what it will take to make it into your dream studio.

● See yourself. Mirrors are a must-have! You can buy Mylar sheeting as an inexpensive

solution; it comes in under $35 per roll.

● Brighten the space. Think about what types of lighting the space will need.

● Quiet down. Unless your studio is in an outbuilding, garage, or basement, noise might

be a problem, so you may want to soundproof your space.

● What’s underfoot. Dancing is definitely a full-body sport. To help avoid strains and

injuries, choose flooring that will keep you comfortable and safe.

● Keep it clean. Aim for a hygienic studio space.

Maintain Your Motivation

Dance is good for you, and you already know that. But you might not realize just how good for

you it is. As you contemplate your project and setting up a routine, focus on the carrot at the end

of the stick.

● Body and mind. Dancing is loaded with physical and mental health benefits, from better

cardio fitness to stress reduction.

● Personal space. Your household has likely spent a lot of time together over the last

year, so this is your chance to be alone.

● Home improvement. Your house is your biggest investment, so sprucing it up with a

new studio is one great way to enhance its value.

Are you ready to create your own home studio? A place to practice gives you a chance to stay

in shape and decompress. What’s more, it ensures you keep up — and even improve — your

hard-earned skills. When you get back into the professional studio, you’ll wow your instructor

with your improvement!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

IVF Journey

 Ok so in my last post I promised a post about our IVF journey. After I had Silas 6 years ago I had my tubes tied because my ex husband didn't want anymore children. Well here I am no longer with him and now happily remarried. My husband loves my kids like no other, but he has no kids of his own. Since we already have my 4, we only want 1 or 2 kids. Instead of putting my body through another surgery to try to do a tubal reversal which may or may not be successful to only have 1 or 2 kids, we have decided to do IVF. We have our consultation with a fertility clinic on June 14. Of course insurance doesn't cover IVF so we have to pay all out of pocket. We are fundraising to try to help cover some of the costs.

Above is the link to our t-shirt fundraiser. Feel free to support us and all proceeds will go straight to IVF costs.

If you don't want to buy a t-shirt but still want to help here is our GoFundMe

I will continue to post our updates on our journey for those interested so be on the lookout. 

Monday, March 29, 2021


Well hello everyone. It has been a little while since I have posted because things have been busy. I moved to Florida back in January and I now work for Sea World at Discovery Cove. We are at peak time with spring break right now so been working 6 days a week.

 Oh in other good news I got married to my best friend on Wednesday March 17!!! It was an intimate ceremony at the park on a beautiful day and we couldn’t be happier.

 Our next stop besides getting a goose is to have kids. We will have to do ivf so I will be writing about our journey here to keep everyone updated. I will be writing a separate post about that later.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

SeaWorld Orlando Announces First Inside Look Weekends of 2021 with Limited Capacity for a Special Peek Behind-the-Scenes of a World-Class Animal Care Facility

 At SeaWorld Orlando’s Inside Look, guests can go behind-the-scenes to hear and see firsthand what goes into providing world-class animal care from the experts who do it every day. This special event features six unique, entirely behind-the-scenes locations, accessible in small groups to limit capacity and maintain safe physical distancing. Guests can also attend an intimate socially distanced Trainer Talk with one of the park’s animal care specialists! Inside Look tours and trainer talks are available at each location at various times throughout the day. 


In addition to enhancing the park’s already strict health and safety measures, including enhanced cleaning and sanitation, temperature checks, and face covering requirements, capacity will be significantly limited to create even more open space for a visit that promotes safes physical distancing. The weekend event takes place Saturdays and Sundays, January 9-17 and is included with park admission. To learn more, visit:


Inside Look Locations:


SeaWorld Rescue Center

Dive Operations at Manatee Underwater Viewing


Beluga & Seal Primary Housing


Shark Encounter

Get a topside view at Shark Encounter and unlock the mysteries of caring for the sharks and sawfish in SeaWorld’s 700,000-gallon shark habitat. Guests can visit the medical pool and learn how a shark receives its an annual physical. They can also observe the moving walkway used to temporarily divide the exhibit for cleaning and understand how the sharks are fed. Guests have the opportunity to experience SeaWorld’s sharks from a vantage point that is very different from the regular guest view and hear directly from the aquarists who care for these fascinating creatures. This location is not ADA accessible.

Manta Aquarium


Trainer Talks


Additional Dining Options


Inside Look Dine at Sharks Underwater GrillNEW this year on Saturdays during Inside Look weekends, guests can enjoy a signature meal hosted by members of the SeaWorld Rescue and Zoological Operations teams at SeaWorld Orlando, including an inspiring presentation on our commitment to research and rescue. We recommend booking in advance as capacity is very limited:


Guests can also dive into Orlando's most immersive and memorable family dining experience at Dine with Orcas, where guests dine next to orcas, learn more about them from animal care experts and watch the specialized care they receive daily:


Both restaurants include arranged seating layouts to accommodate physical distancing and limited capacity. Tables and chairs are sanitized with increased frequency, condiment and topping stations are closed, and guests with refillable products will be provided single-use alternatives. In lieu of traditional menus, paperless QR code menus will be used, and buffet-style service areas have been adjusted or closed until further notice.




Best Way to Play

For a limited time, pay for a day and play all year with the purchase of a 2021 Fun Card! That means for the price of a single day’s admission, Fun Card holders can visit again and again to enjoy events like Inside Look and more throughout 20211. This offer is available only for a short time as prices go up on February 1, 2021.


For guests looking for additional perks and discounts on things like parking, additional guest tickets and access to special VIP events, upgrading to an Annual Pass is the best option. Available starting at low monthly rates of $11.75/month with NO down payment. Restrictions apply.


Visit for more information, park hours and to purchase tickets.



SeaWorld Orlando is committed to the health and safety of our guests, employees, and the animals in our care. The park has worked diligently with state and local health officials, outside consultants and attraction industry leaders to enhance our already strict health, safety and cleanliness standards. These protocols and guidelines will be modified based on evolving industry standards and methodologies, public health, and governmental directives, and advancing scientific knowledge on the transmissibility of COVID-19. SeaWorld Orlando is excited to continue to provide our guests with fun, inspiring and memorable experiences, while addressing important health and safety needs during this time. For detailed information about the measures that guests can expect when visiting the resort, including key operational changes, visit


Follow SeaWorld Orlando on FacebookInstagram and the SeaWorld Orlando Blog for the latest park updates and information.


1Blockout dates apply

Friday, January 22, 2021


 SeaWorld’s pint-sized guests can enjoy an ocean of experiences with the launch of the FREE 2021 Preschool Card, now available for a limited time, providing FREE UNLIMITED admission to the park all year! Florida preschool children receive FREE admission for a year full of fun and safe park experiences in a spacious outdoor environment with limited capacity and enhanced health and safety protocols. Kids are also in for a very special treat with the launch of two fan-favorite events to kick off the year: Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend (January 23-24), and Elmo’s Birthday Celebration (January 30 to February 3)! Families can experience these events plus all of the park’s kid-friendly annual events with unique features like specialty beverages for tots at the Seven Seas Food Festival, kids dance parties at Electric Ocean, trick-or-treating and meeting spooky-fun characters at Halloween Spooktacular, photos with Santa and millions of twinkling lights at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, and more, with the 2021 Preschool Card for their little ones, now available exclusively to Florida Residents.


In addition to enhancing the park’s already strict health and safety measures including increased cleaning and sanitation, temperature checks, and face covering requirements, capacity will be significantly limited to create more open space for guests to enjoy their experience, while maintaining physical distancing in a safe environment. 


To be eligible for the FREE Preschool Card for unlimited visits to SeaWorld through December 31, 2021, kids must be ages 5 and younger. Advance registration must be completed online and is only valid for children ages 5 or younger at the time of redemption at the park. Registration is required by February 3, 2021 and first visit ticket redemption must occur by February 28, 2021.


To learn more and to register for the Preschool Card, Florida residents can visit:    


Upcoming Special Events for Kids:


Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend January 23-24

Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends are hosting a party just for kids January 23–24. Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Rosita, and all your favorite furry friends for a fun-filled weekend with activities, character photo opportunities, and much more. We’ll also be celebrating Everyday Heroes during the event, so bring your kindness and caring along (no cape required!). Located in Sesame Street Land and included with park admission, this family-friendly celebration features updated safety precautions including limited capacity and physical distancing.


All New! Storytime on Sesame Street

Ready for a special story with your Sesame Street friends? Their story time float will appear several times a day, so keep an eye out and find a physically distanced spot to listen.


All New! Everyday Hero Badges

You don’t have to wear a cape to be an Everyday Hero. You’ll have a chance to earn special badges for things like Bravery, Helping, Manners, and more all weekend, so get ready to join the Everyday Heroes Club!


All New! Oscar’s Trash Art Activity

Oscar would be proud! In this activity, kids get to turn everyday materials that may seem like trash into beautiful works of art, which is sure to make any grouch happy!


Elmo’s Birthday Celebration: January 30-February 3

Celebrate Elmo’s birthday with meet and greets, a family-friendly DJ, photo opportunities with Sesame Street friends and much more! Located in Sesame Street Land and included with park admission, this celebration features updated safety precautions including limited capacity and physical distancing.


All New! Elmo’s Birthday Storytime

Elmo has a very special story to tell for his birthday, and he wants you to be there! Be sure to watch for his float throughout the day and find a physically distanced spot to listen nearby.


All New! Scavenger Hunt

There’s plenty of space around Sesame Street Land for Elmo’s goldfish, Dorothy, to hide. Have fun trying to find her in this kid-friendly scavenger hunt!


Photo Opportunities


DJ Dance Party


Upgrade the Day with Breakfast with Elmo and Friends


Both Elmo’s Birthday Celebration and Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend offer an upgraded dining experience, Breakfast with Elmo and Friends, which features a delicious and nutritious breakfast buffet and morning greetings from everyone’s favorite furry friends.  This breakfast is a fun-filled and physically distant outdoor experience sure to delight kids and parents alike! Breakfast is served 10:30 am on event Saturdays and Sundays. Prices start at $32.99 for adults and $16.99 for children for the breakfast and advanced reservations are required. Pass Member discounts apply. More information can be found:  


Best Way to Play

Parents, family members, and other guests can pay for a day and play all year with the new 2021 Fun Card! That means for the price of a single day’s admission, SeaWorld Fun Card holders can visit again and again throughout 2021. This offer is available only for a short time as prices increase on February 1. And for those guests looking for additional perks and discounts on items such as parking, guest tickets, and access to special VIP events, upgrading to an Annual Pass is their best option. Annual Passes are available starting at low monthly rates of $11.75/month with no down payment. Restrictions apply.


For more information, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit keep up to date on park hours and events, follow SeaWorld’s social channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.




SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™ is a leading theme park and entertainment company providing experiences that matter and inspiring guests to protect animals and the wild wonders of our world. The company is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a global leader in animal welfare, behavioral training, husbandry and veterinary care. The company collectively cares for what it believes is one of the largest zoological collections in the world and has helped lead advances in the care of animals. The company also rescues and rehabilitates marine and terrestrial animals that are ill, injured, orphaned or abandoned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The SeaWorld® rescue team has helped more than 37,000 animals in need over the last 50 years.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., a publicly traded company. Visit for more information.





Thursday, January 7, 2021

Happy New year

I hope everyone is having a good year so far and that you had good holidays. It  has been a while since I have really been on, things have been a little crazy on here. I know things are crazy for everyone with the whole Corona thing. 

In October, I finally finished up my divorce after over a year of fighting. I wish I was able to say things are better with custody, but that's a different story. I am glad that part is over finally. 

Then we had the holidays, right before Thanksgiving my boyfriend had a very scary health scare (not Covid related). Then we had Thanksgiving, with Christmas and New years right behind it. In between all of this we have been working this whole time, end of September I switched jobs and careers. I went from working in a call center to being a 1 year old teacher in a daycare. 

We have also been packing and preparing everything to move by the end of this month. I also just started back to school this week to get my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. I plan on being a Kindergarten teacher. 

I am also still dealing with my lawsuit from my car accident I was in back in June 2019. To say its been hectic is an understatement. But, I am going to try to get back to being more active on here as much as I can.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

2nd Annual Countdown to Christmas Prize Package (APV $600)

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Countdown to Christmas Giveaway Event hosted by Mommy's Playbook! If you are feeling pressure to get all of your holiday shopping done before the last guaranteed shipping date, let us give you a little relief! Sit back, relax, and Enter to Win this great giveaway! One lucky winner is going to take home ALL of the great gifts below!

KORE Intrepid Stainless Belt Buckle

ENTER TO WIN the Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Stitched Full Grain Leather Belt from KORE Essentials! Made for Man.

What makes our KORE track belts so awesome? No more belt holes. That’s right! Instead, KORE's men’s belts use a hidden track sewn into the back of the belt that features over 40+ size points to choose from, each point is just ¼” (6 mm) apart. This small, simple innovation means your guy gets a precise, comfortable fit every time he puts it on. Tell him it's time to say goodbye to stretched out, poor-fitting, unsightly belt holes.

Holiday travel tip: KORE Essentials buckles pop off in 2 seconds to allow you to slip thru airport TSA security with the leather belt still on. Or you can swap belt colors or buckle styles fast.

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  Pure Parker His Hers Gift Baskets

ENTER TO WIN a Charcoal Sandalwood Natural Bath & Body Spa Gift Set for Him AND Designer XL Lavender Spa Bath Set for Her from Rachelle Parker!

His Gift Basket: This great grooming kit gift basket is ENGINEERED FOR MEN! When it comes to male grooming they need high-performance products formulated for men. Heaven & Earth Brings men quality skin care, free of chemicals, SLS, & parabens. These men's products are formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your man’s unique skin. He will - get clean, look sharp, and smell good into the New Year!

Her Gift Basket: Heaven & Earth brings Women premium quality products formulated with superior ingredients. Feel good & smell better all day long with an abundant spa hamper where each detail in the gift basket is designed to make your spa at home even more thrilling and extra delicious! Includes everything you need to refresh and indulge your way through the holidays!

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PeachSkinSheets Packaging

ENTER TO WIN the Original PeachSkinSheets! PeachSkinSheets are a wonderful holiday gift that will last for years to come. We received our first set four years ago and they are still as comfortable as ever! I love not crawling into wrinkled bed at the end of the day!

PeachSkinSheets' durable athletic grade performance SMART fabric wicks away moisture to keep you drier and more comfortable. Best of all, they have a luxurious 1500 Thread Count Level of Softness with a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides. Available in Split King, Cali King, King, Queen, Full, Twin and XL Twin and XL Full. Winner will choose their sheet size and preferred color too!

Joey Pouch Macaroons

ENTER TO WIN a Joey Pouch Prize Pack! The Joey Pouch is a line of Cotton Reusable Snack Bags for Kids. Each bag is an eco friendly reusable sandwich bags that is washable and dishwasher safe. Our Joey Pouches are BPA Free with EVA Food Grade interior lining making them safe for kids.

ECOFRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our reusable baggies have a 100% natural cotton exterior making these snack bags good for the environment.Kids love the soft cotton feel and cute designs on our eco snack bags.

EASY TO CLEAN: Having reusable sandwich bags dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean makes cleaning up these washable lunch bags for kids a breeze.

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Pink Zebra Holiday Collection

ENTER TO WIN $50 Shopping Credit from my favorite Pink Zebra independent consultant! Pink Zebra developed Soft Soy, a proprietary blend of eco-friendly soy wax and dependable food-grade, paraffin wax to capitalize on the best performing components of each. Compared to traditional waxes, Soft Soy maximizes fragrance, burns cleaner, is gluten-free, protected by anti-oxidants and UV inhibitors, AND comes from soybeans grown in the USA! Join Amber's Facebook group to learn why PZ is different than what you might be using today, AND find out how you can get some free samples!

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MicroGold Product Lineup

ENTER TO WIN a MicroGold® Prize Package! This great prize package will include one MicroGold® Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial, MicroGold® All-Purpose Cleaner, and MicroGold® Waterless Hand Soap!

Are you worried about COVID-19 this holiday season? MicroGold® Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray is tested and proven effective to kill the COVID-19 virus. The only multi-action solution approved to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus in association with COVID-19 in 3 minutes on hard non-porous surfaces. Disinfectants kill microorganisms on contact, but as soon as they dry and someone touches that light switch or doorknob – BOOM – cross-contamination occurs because the disinfectant is done working. Antimicrobial agents have the ability to kill both bacteria and viruses as well as suppress their future growth by molecularly bonding to a surface and mechanically killing microbes through microscopic spikes. Excited the EPA is expediting testing and review on the long-lasting properties of antimicrobials like MicroGold® Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray.

MicroGold® All-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting any hard non-porous surface. Kills common household, bathroom and kitchen bacteria. Cuts through grime and is bleach free, ideal for everyday use. Kills cold and flu viruses. **Part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)”

Have you had enough with sanitizer lately? Never worry about dry hands again with MicroGold® — the alcohol-free Waterless Hand Soap leaves hands clean and smooth with a unique, nondrying moisturizing and conditioning formula. It kills 99.99% of germs with a foaming pump action that creates an emulsification to clean away dirt, grime and eliminate germs. Effective in as little as 15 seconds. The antibacterial properties last up to four hours, according to a study in the American Journal of Infection Control on the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride.

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The D.A.D.® (Defense Alert Device) is the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. #Tigerlight #BeBold #NeverAlone

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Give someone you love the gift of freedom this Christmas! Freedom to hike without fear. Freedom to run in the park! Freedom to know that no matter where they are, they can protect themselves and their family! TigerLight is dedicated to ending violence through non-lethal personal protection. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. The alert sends your GPS location to anyone with the D.A.D.® app within a one mile radius, and to those in your D.A.D.™ contact list, regardless of distance. The D.A.D.® alert prompts the receiver to call 911, and provides directions to your location, should the receiver be able to provide immediate assistance in person.

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Winning Moves Classic Games and Family Favorites

ENTER TO WIN a Winning Moves USA Prize Pack! Winning Moves USA's mission is to provide happiness to consumers by offering Classic, Retro, Cool and Fun games for play with friends and family. The winner of this great giveaway is going to have games to play with the whole family! No Stress Chess® is an amazing game and a fun way to learn how to play Chess AND Pass The Pigs® Big Pigs™ is just FUN! Rolling around with your BIG PIGS is holiday fun I promise!

The winner of this great giveaway is not only going to receive No Stress Chess® and Pass The Pigs® Big Pigs™, but they are ALSO going to receive Rubik's® 40th Anniversary Metallic Cube AND Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble®... two of my personal long-time favorites! My ten year old son LOVES collecting various styles of Rubik's so this great Cube was a huge hit in our home AND I'm so blind my eye doctor wouldn't let me drive myself away from his office after my last check-up... so yeah... Mommy needs the LARGE Print everything, especially the Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble® if I expect to play to win!

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Practice Makes Perfect During the Pandemic

 Have your kids been missing out on dance lessons? While the pandemic has thrown off everyone’s regimen, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up...