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Monday, October 9, 2017

Lipsense and SeneGence.

I got to try Lipsense by SeneGence. They have many different shades to choose from. I have First Love. This is a pretty cool liquid lipstick. You apply 3 layers. It does make your lips tingle some and it is worse if you have chapped lips. This is normal. The product is waterproof and lasts 4-18 hours according to the website. I have noticed it lasting around 4-6 hours. They also have a gloss you can put on top and an Oooops remover if you happen to mess up. If you want fuller lips check out the lip volumizer and check out the lip liner they have as well. I have really enjoyed the color and how long it lasts. Unlike most lipsticks and glosses, it doesn't dry out my lips either.
SeneGence also has other products that I have not gotten to try, but have heard great things. They have skin care and anti-aging products. They have bronzers and concealers. They have liquid eyeliner and eye shadow as well as mascara.  They even have sunscreen and body wash! Check out the awesome products they have to offer. The product is vegan-friendly as it uses NO animal by-products in its production, and there is absolutely NO animal testing done.

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  1. Thank you for your honest review, Ashley!

    If any of your readers are interested in learning more about LipSense or any other SeneGence products, they can contact me directly.
    My phone # is 858-356-2678, and my e-mail address is
    You can also find me on Facebook -
    or on Instagram - @thepoutpack

    Thanks again!
    Rachel Pack
    Independent Distributor of LipSense


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