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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Harrison Fire department visit

I want to give a huge shout out to to the guys at Station 57 Harrison,Ohio fire department. They are amazing. Today we were headed to the store and as we were passing by the fire truck was headed back into the station. My 4 year old son LOVES firetrucks and got so excited just to see it. We decided to stop in and see if they would let us visit the firehouse and check things out. The nice firemen there let us come in and explore. The kids got to see the firetrucks and ambulance. They were so happy and it definitely made their day.
So again thank you to the firemen there for being so nice. You made my kids happy and made their day.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Girl Scout Cookies

And so it has begun, cookie season kicked off today. As a troop leader and a mom of 2 girl scouts, cookie season can be fun, but very hectic. This is my first year having both girls in scouts, so I am having to try to split all the orders between them as evenly as possible so that they get the same prizes and everything. I have to try to keep up with their orders, plus help all the other girls/moms make sure they know what they are doing and help them have a successful cookie season. Our troop this year is way bigger than last year, and we hope to do many more booths. We have a troop goal of selling 1500 boxes and hope to use the money to go camping, horseback riding, zoo, spa day, and save for a big trip. Plus we buy patches and everything with the money, so lots in mind. The more we sell the more our troop makes. This is Girl Scouts 100th year of selling cookies!!! They have come a long way since then as in the beginning they made their own cookies and sold them, and now they use 2 different bakeries and add new cookies every year. This year the new cookie is the Smore's cookie. The one our council sells is very good with a graham cracker cookie and a layer of chocolate and a layer of marshmallow inside. It is definitely worth it to try.
The sales also teach the girls important skills. It teaches them business skills as well as personal skills. They learn about money, setting goals, wants and needs, and donating time. Also this year we are doing operation cookie which allows customers to donate money to be used to send cookies to the troops. Those interested in donating may also donate boxes to be donated to our local fire department to thank the firefighters.
If you are interested in buying from the girls you can buy online and have the cookies delivered right to your house. Buy some, help our troop, and even freeze some so you can have some all year. The girls also earn different prizes depending on how many boxes they sell.

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