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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Top 10 rides at Disney World

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am a huge Disney fan. I recently decided to poll other Disney fans and get their top 10 rides at Disney World. Here is the list, and my opinion on each ride, starting with #10.

#10 Flight of Passage- This is one of the new rides in Avatar land at Animal Kingdom. It seems to be a fast growing popular attraction. Most people seem to love it, only time will tell whether it's popularity is due to being new still, or whether it will stay a favorite. Unfortunately I myself have yet to be able to experience it, but hope to do so on our trip in February. From what I am told it is a 3D motion ride. There is a height restriction of 44 in or taller.

#9 Carousel of Progress- This is one of my favorite rides. This ride is located at Magic Kingdom and can be found in Tomorrowland. This is an indoor ride, where you sit and go through a sort of show talking about the changes over time. The animatronics are amazing and the show is definitely worth it. It is also a great ride to relax and get out of heat or rain or just sit for 20 minutes. It's main song "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" is also quite catchy. It is handicap accessible and no height restrictions.

#8 Expedition Everest- This is another located at Animal Kingdom, which I myself have not been on. I have heard it is a lot of fun and plan on riding it on our next trip. It is a roller coaster ride which has a 44 in or taller height restriction.

#7 Tie Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Both of these rides are located in Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain can be found in Tomorrowland and BTMRR can be found in Frontierland. Space Mountain is a roller coaster ridden in the dark. It is a fun ride, but can be kinda rough on the body. If you don't like roller coasters or the dark this ride isn't for you. It has a 44 in or taller height restriction. BTMRR is a mine type roller coaster. It is a family favorite, with a height restriction of 40 in or taller.

#6 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith- This ride is one of my favorites. It is a limo roller coaster staring Aerosmith with their music. It is a LOT of fun. I remember my first time and all the times after. It is located on Sunset Boulevard at Hollywood Studios. You must be 48 inches or taller to ride this ride.

#5 Soarin'- This is a ride I haven't been on in a while. It is located in Epcot. It is a flight motion simulator ride. It has a height restriction of 40 in or taller. It is fun, but it isn't one of my favorites. 

#4 Tower of Terror- This is one of the most iconic Disney rides. It is located in Hollywood Studios on Sunset Boulevard. It is an elevator themed ride that gives you quite the drop. On our trip this past February my girls went on it for the first time. They were 5 and 6 at the time (celebrating upcoming 6 and 7 birthdays) and they were a bit scared, but had a lot of fun. You have to be 40 inches or taller to ride.

#3 Splash Mountain- This is another family favorite. It is one of 3 mountains located in Magic Kingdom. It can be found in Frontierland. It is a log flume ride through Song of the South that end with a big 5 story drop. You will get wet. There is a 40 inch height requirement.

#2 Pirates of the Caribbean- This is a big favorite and one of my all time favorites. It is a must see/do ride. It is at Magic Kingdom in Adventureland. This is a boat ride with no height restrictions, meaning EVERYONE can ride!! We even took our oldest on when she was 7 months old. They have changed it over the years to include characters from the movies.

and now the top Fan Favorite
#1 Haunted Mansion- I would have to agree with everyone, I LOVE the Haunted Mansion. This is a fun yet "spooky" ride that is fun for the whole family. Like most of the favorites, this ride is also at Magic Kingdom and is located in Liberty Square. There are no height restrictions, making it fun for the entire family. It may scare little kids, but just remind them it is all pretend and in fun. We love the surprise at the end too as you ride around in Doombuggies.

Did your favorites make the list? What other Disney lists would you like to see?

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