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Friday, October 13, 2017

New you

It has been a little over 3 months since I cut pop out of my life. After having 5 kids and having a hard time losing the weight, I decided it was time to take charge of my life and get healthy. Cutting pop out was the first step. I used to drink pretty much nothing besides pop. This was very unhealthy in every way. I would get dehydrated, get UTIs, and I was overweight. I now drink mainly water with some tea, milk or juice every so often and a pop on the rare occasion.

I have learned moderation is key. One pop every so often isn't going to hurt. We need to eat healthy, but a snack every now and then isn't bad. I have cut down the amount I eat per meal, and stopped snacking all the time. When I snack now I try to find something healthy like fruit to snack on before going for the unhealthy options.

This healthiness is for the whole family. The kids don't get juice all the time now. They mostly drink water and milk and get 1 juice a day and that isn't even consistent. My husband quit smoking and has now not had a cigarette in almost 10 months!!! This not only saves money (almost $50 a week!!) but it has made him healthier.
I plan to continue on getting healthy. I already feel better. I am getting more active which in turn helps me even more. I am feeling proud of myself. Last check over a month ago I had already lost 6lb and am hoping to be getting close to 20lb now. My goal is to lose 90-100lb.

Do you have any goals you are trying to reach? What have you done to better yourself lately?

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