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Friday, October 20, 2017

Halloween Crafts

My kids love making crafts, especially for different holidays. Halloween is one of their favorite holidays to make crafts for. Here are some crafts we decided to do this year.

The first one we did was the Frankenstein hands. This is a pretty easy one. We painted the palm of the hand green (you can do a black strip at the top for hair) and then pain the fingers black. Once dried we added brown bolts at the neck and black mouth. We also painted on the eyes, but if you choose you can do googly eyes. Let it dry and you are done. Pretty simple. Kids love doing hand print crafts.

The next craft we did was the J for Jack-O-lantern craft. This is pretty self explanatory. Cut out an orange letter J. This is of course your jack-o lantern. Glue it to the background of your choice. Cut out, in black, the face for your jack-o-lantern. Make a brown stem for the top. For the leaf trace the child's hand in green, cut out, and attach. you are now done. This is another pretty simple yet fun craft the kids really enjoyed.

This one is actually 2 crafts that I thought would look cute together. The first one is a black cat. It is very very simple. Trace the hand on black paper. Glue the hand down to where the fingers are legs and the thumb is a tail. Make a head also out of black paper. Put a face on the cat and draw the little paw markings with white. Next is the witch. Trace a hand in green. Make a little broom stick and the broom part out of brown paper. I cut a rectangle and then cut little strips in it for the broom. I then cut orange strips for the hair and let the kids make the hair how they wanted. The hat is made out of black with a yellow strip. Put a face on your witch.

What are some crafts you do for Halloween? If you do these or others we would love to see pictures. You can email me at and I will make a post featuring artwork of my followers.

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