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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Indianapolis Children's Museum

We recently visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
It is the largest children's museum in the US. It is something I believe everyone should visit. When you do go, make sure you have plenty of time to be able to experience everything that is there as it takes a while to enjoy it all. There are 5 floors of fun for everyone to explore. There is a mix of permanent and moving exhibits. One of the exhibits we really enjoyed was the Hot wheels Exhibit. It was my son's favorite exhibit. There were a lot of hands on things to check out. You could race hot wheels, pretend to be a NASCAR pit crew member, check out how engines work,dress up like you are in the winners circle, and more.
Another favorite exhibit was the Beyond Spaceship Earth. They had a model International Space Station where you could experience what the day in the life of an astronaut is like. You must check out the planetarium where they have amazing shows and on exhibit is the Liberty Bell 7 which had been lost at sea for many years.
Pirates and Princesses: Storybook Adventures was also a kids favorite as well as being another traveling exhibit. Kids got to do one of their favorite things, play dressup in fairtale creatures, kings and queens, princes and princesses and could even sit on the throne. Kids could be a pirate on a boat, or play a dancing type game to get jewels and fight dragons.
This exhibit also had on show wonderful objects from movies and TV that go along with the theme.
We were running short on time, but got a few minutes to explore all aboard. As you might guess this themed area is based on trains. You can play like you are in a train station, see what it's like on a train, and explore a few train tables. Our main reason for this trip was the grand opening of the Doc Mcstuffins exhibit. This is the first of this exhibit that will be making it's way around the United states so look for it coming to a museum near you. Play like Doc and give toys a checkup in the check up area, operate in the toy operating room, check patients in, or watch over the baby toys in the nursery.
As this was the grand opening, we got the pleasure of meeting Doc Mcstuffins herself. This made the day.
. There are other exhibits we didn't get to check out, as well as various other rotating/traveling exhibits that are ever changing. Check out their website for a list of upcoming exhibits and more information.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Moana Movie Review

We got the pleasure of previewing the new Disney movie Moana and were very pleased with it. It is a movie about a 16 year old girl named Moana who takes a journey to both save her island and to find herself. The actors really bring life to the movie. They could not have picked a better voice for Maui then Dwayne Johnson. The music is amazing. It really adds to the movie and has some amazing songs that really catch onto you. This movie is one of the best movies I have seen from Disney. It is the perfect mix of laughter and seriousness. It also has an amazing message for everyone. It teaches everyone to follow their dreams and believe in yourself. If you want to do something, go for it. There are no boundaries to our dreams if we just follow them. Gender or age doesn't determine what we can do. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't follow your dreams. This was my daughter's first movie they had been to and it was able to hold their attention the entire time. Being only 5 and 6 this is quite a feat. They have seen just about every Disney movie and even they say they loved the movie and that it was the best movie ever. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone and it is a must have for my Disney collection.

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