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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Surviving the holidays with Special Needs

As parents of children with special needs, and some of us even having special needs ourselves or maybe spouses that need a little extra care, the holidays can be especially hard on us. Here are some things to remember this holiday season that will hopefully get you through.

A big part of the holiday season is food. Many of our kids may not be able to eat, may only be able to eat certain things, or may only choose to eat a select few items. When you get together with friends and family, all the food may freak you or your child out. Don't let it get to you. If your child can or will only eat certain things and you don't think those items will be served, make sure to bring them so that your child doesn't get left out. Even if your child is tube fed, have them sit with everyone and be a part of everything. Don't worry about if they do or don't eat and don't let anyone else tell you any different. This season is about being with friends and family. Don't try to force them to eat something they don't want to eat as it could ruin everything.

Lower your expectations of a "perfect holiday" and don't worry if the popular traditions don't fit in with your family, you can start your own. First off, there is no perfect holiday, it is what you make it. It isn't all about decorations and presents it's about spending time with family. That family can be just you and your child or it could be tons of people gathered together.

One of the best things to do is just stay home. Make everyone come to you. Many of our children get so overwhelmed with all the travel and unfamiliar places and for some it is just impossible to travel whether it be so much equipment to take or a child that gets sick too easily to go everywhere. That is ok. If people want to see you for the holidays they can come to you. This allows your child to be in their home where they are comfortable and will be able to go to their room if needed to get away from everything. It also keeps you from having to take all the crazy items most of our kids need. It also allows us to be in charge of any situation that may arise.

If you do have to travel, make sure to pack everything your child needs plus extras. Pack their favorite items. Try to make sure that there is a "safe place' for them where ever you are that they can go to if need be. Give them plenty of time to know where you are going, and don't worry if everything doesn't work out perfectly.

I hope these tips help you guys survive this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

End of November update and what is to come in December

Wow I can't believe we are already at the end of November and going into December. it is the end of the year already!!! This is truly unbelievable.
The beginning of this month I celebrated my 28th birthday and shortly after Louie celebrated his 5th birthday!! He had a Peppa Pig party at McDonald's Play place.
We of course celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a nice day with family. We also this past weekend tried to check out the Festival of Lights at our zoo, but it was way too crowded and the kids and hubby got overwhelmed. Good thing about having passes is we can go back on a weeknight when it won't be as busy.
Bella and Kaya both got their first pair of glasses and I got a new pair after 2 year which was much needed. The girls look adorable and feel much better with their new glasses. They are doing pretty well with them, but still adjusting.
The only one who had any doctor appointments this month so far was Silas which was the CP clinic. It went pretty well they said he is doing good. They do strongly recommend getting him into preschool or some sort of structured playgroup or something to help him with behaviors and being around others his age. Kaya has a neurosurgery appointment Thursday, I will update you guys on that next week.
In December, on the 5 Silas has a follow-up with physical therapy to see how he is doing and how his bowleggedness and everything is doing. I am hoping it is getting better to their liking. On the 4th Louie has a CP clinic appointment. I think it'll go over pretty well. On the 13 Bella has an appointment with the reading and literacy center to get checked for learning disabilities like dyslexia. On the 7 my husband has a big MRI appointment which will hopefully give us some answers to his problems. We fear he too has chiari. I also need to get Kaya a follow up with the Rheumatology PT. I will update everyone as we hear information on everything.

Also coming up in December is Christmas so we will be very busy with everything that the holidays bring. I will try to post as often as I can, but don't worry if there sin't a post every day. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I did receive these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

My family and I got the privilege of trying the HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays. This is an easy appetizer for holiday meals or anytime. It comes in 2 ready made trays that are easy to take with you to any gatherings or to bring home for hosting your own party. There is pepperoni and hard salami with cheeses or ham and turkey with cheeses. We tried the pepperoni and hard salami and the flavors are amazing. The meat and cheese is cut just right. The crackers have seasoning in them or something and are great even by themselves. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something easy and tasteful for your holiday gatherings.

For more information check them out on social media:

Monday, November 27, 2017

Top Toys 2017 Ages 5-7

Here is a great place to start if you need to shop for a kid ages 5-7 this holiday season. Here are some of the hottest toys for this age group.

1. Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Track Set- Race in 1:55 scale on this biggest racetrack based on the movies yet!! Comes with Lightning McQueen, collect other cars to add to the fun. Has a motorized booster as well. This track also connects to the Florida Speedway and the Spiral Garage sets to keep the fun going. Sells for around $105.

2. Pie Face Sky High Game- This fun board game, based on the original Pie Face game is sure to be a hit with all kids ages 5+. The game is over 3 feet tall and is like a game of test your strength to pie your friends and family. $16.99 on Amazon. Also check out the original Pie Face and Pie Face Showdown.
3. Hatchimals - CollEGGtibles- Everyone has heard of the Hatchimals. Now here is a smaller version that has over 70 animals to collect from season one. You warm the egg up and when the heart changes from purple to pink the egg is ready to hatch. Crack it open gently and see what animal you get. Sells in packs for around $10.

4. Soggy Doggy Board Game- This is another fun board game for kids. Go around the board and take turns giving the doggy a bath. If he shakes and you get soaked you go back to the start. If you make it around the bathtub, you win.  $14.88 on Amazon.

5. Shopkins- its kind of hard to describe exactly what Shopkins are, but little girls love them and they are fun to collect. There are playsets out for them. They have different seasons and different collectible little characters from each season. They are different themes and just fun to collect all around. Prices vary by size of pack bought. 

6. LOL Surprise dolls- These are another of the kinda weird collect them all kinda things. They have Tot dolls that do different things in the water and come with accessories and the Lil Sister dolls that change colors in water and also come with accessories. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Featured Friday Week 1- Shopping

Every Friday I am going to have a different theme and will feature guest posts on different subjects. Since today is Black Friday this weeks theme is shopping. Here are some posts about shopping so please go check them out, share, and comment and tell them the Crazy Mommy Blog sent you :-)

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5. 6 Gift Tips for a Clutter Free Christmas with Little Ones

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What I wanted to be when I grew up

I was sitting thinking the other night about where I am in my life as far as my career goes. Although currently my job is being a full time mom, I do have an associates degree in Medical Administrative Assisting. It got me thinking about when I was growing up all the things I said I wanted to be verses what I actually do for a career.

I remember some of the first things I wanted to be was an artist and a teacher. I have always loved painting and doing crafts and was very interested in doing it as a job. Being older I know I am no where near creative enough to be an artist, but I sure do love doing crafts with my kids. I also have always loved doing school and interested in teaching others. I have been a tutor and I do home school so I guess in a sense I am a type of teacher.
I also always loved being the center of attention. I have never been afraid of getting up in front of others and loved acting. I wanted to be an actress and be in the movies. Although I am far from Hollywood famous, I did get my first taste of Hollywood as an extra in the 2017 film My Days of Mercy staring Ellen Page and Kate Mara. It was hectic, but everything I dreamed.

As I got a bit older I started trying to think of jobs that were a bit more realistic. I wanted to be an orca or dolphin trainer and work at Sea World. At that time I was still young and naive and didn't realize how badly they treated those animals. I wish I was able to help them. 

The first thing I went to college for was microbiology. I wanted to study genetics. After my first year and lots of thought and some crazy circumstances I decided that while I am very interested in that field I didn't want to spend all that time in school and working that my entire life. 

My next college field was Early Childhood Education. I am still very interested in that and I would love to one day open/run a daycare. One of the things that held me back was it just wasn't the right time for college. I had a baby and was pregnant with my second and things were hectic and I needed to be home. This led me to online school and my last and final decision. I have always been interested in the medical field, as well as for some strange reason I love doing paperwork and scheduling and so Medical Administrative Assisting was the best option to join the 2 together. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's Taco (Salad) Tuesday

Everyone has heard of Taco Tuesday right? We did a twist on this favorite and made Taco Salad. I started by browning the ground beef. I used ground sirloin as it's 90% lean and so very little fat, but whatever you choose is up to you.
Once you brown the meat, follow the instructions for your taco seasoning packet. Usually you add around 3/4-1 cup of water per packet and you add 1 packet per pound of ground beef. I had 2 pounds and mine called for 3/4 cup so I added 2 packets of seasoning and 1 1/2 cups of water and let it cook.
Once your meat is done add whatever chips you want to use to your plate. We used Nacho Cheese Doritos and Cool Ranch Doritos. You can use these, tortilla chips, or any other chip you want to use. Add your meat on top, then add your toppings. We used salsa, cheese, and sour cream. You can add lettuce, beans, tomatoes, or anything else you choose. Now enjoy!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Top Toys 2017 Ages 3-4

This week we are looking at the top toys for ages 3-4. Hope this helps.

1. PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers Track Playset   As part of the PJ Masks Nighttime Adventure Toys line from Just Play, this set has glow-in-the-dark features and hidden surprises along the way that helps your kid save the night along with PJ Masks. The headquarters stand has spots for Owlette and Gekko figures. There are also Rev-N-Rumble Owl Gliders and Gekko-Mobiles that glow in the dark sold separately. Comes with Romeo’s Lab and the Cat-Car. Made for ages 3 and up. Sells for around $50.

2. Disney Princess Travel Vanity  Your little princess can now travel in beauty. This toy is a portable case that opens up with mirror, lights, play accessory pieces, and plenty of storage for all of her pretend play makeup and hair products. The vanity comes with seven accessories, including play hair spray, a powder jar, and a luggage tag so kids can personalize their case. Made for ages 3+ and sells for around $50.
Also in this line of toys is 2 other kits. The first is The Hair Play Travel Tote and Makeup Travel Tote.
And for those kids who have to hit the road as soon as they’re done styling their look there’s the Style Collection Wristlet, which includes a phone case, car keys, and two credit cards.

3. Luvabella  This is a cute new interactive baby doll. It is the most interactive and responsive baby doll ever. Kids can play with her in so many ways and she comes with fun accessories. When she’s hungry, kids can place her spoon or bottle to her mouth and watch her make eating sounds and move her mouth. She will also let kids know when she’s had enough, or if she’s still hungry . Kids can also soothe  Luvabella with her pacifier, or play and teach her animal sounds with her Lamby toy, which she can kiss. Luvabella features AI so the more kids play with her, the more she learns. Made for ages 3+ and sells for around $100. This is one my girls have mentioned.
4. Fisher-Price’s Teach ‘n Tag Movi This is a fun learning robot for kids. It rolls, talks, makes animal noises, and has a few other fun tricks for kids to discover. It comes programmed with 6 games for kids to enjoy. The little robot can go just about anywhere, and it even dances along with the kids. Ages 3+. Sells for around $50.

5. Vampirina Scare B&B Playset One of the hottest new cartoons this year is Vampirina and this playset is themed just for that. This fun playhouse lets kids replay some of their favorite scenes from the show or create some of their own. Lots of fun and interactive experiences come in this playset. I know my girls would LOVE this. Ages 3+ sells for around $60.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser Review

I got the chance to review the Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats who share a water bowl, so I thought this dispenser would be a good way to keep water flowing for them. I really am not very happy with the bowl as it pertains to multiple animals. The humming noise it makes is kind of annoying, but can be dealt with. The bowl is supposed to keep water flowing and keep it from getting dirty, it didn't work very well.  The pets do seem to enjoy drinking out of it, which is good. It does cut down on a little bit of having to refill the water bowl all the time, which is a big help. It comes apart for you to be able to clean easier, which is good but can be a bit more of a hassle compared to a regular water bowl. Overall it is a good product maybe for an animal or 2, but isn't the best for more animals. They like to knock the water everywhere and make a mess, so a mat or towel under would be good. It does tend to hold dirt too. If you want to check it out and try it you can purchase it here

Favorite places to eat at Magic Kingdom

Here is a list of the best places to eat at Magic Kingdom sorted by the different types of service. There is quick service, table service, character dining and the best places to get snacks.

First up is quick service. Here are some of the favorite/best places at Magic Kingdom to get quick service meals. These are like fast food restaurants where you go in get your food and take it out.

1. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- This Mexican restaurant is located in Frontierland. It is in the style of an old west saloon. They serve fajitas, burritos, burgers and more. You can use the My Disney Experience App to order and pay ahead of time to avoid the lines. Kids meals are available. Enjoy the toppings bar.

2. Columbia Harbour House- this is one of my favorites to eat at. This is a seafood type restaurant located in Liberty Square. Try some fish, chicken, New England Clam Chowder and more. Kids meals available. We ate here our last visit and my girls were celebrating their birthday and got cake here for dessert. You can also order ahead here. The food is amazing.

3. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe- Enjoy a Galaxy of different foods at this restaurant located in Tomorrowland. Hot dogs, BBQ sandwich, chicken nuggets and more. Kids love this restaurant. Enjoy the topping bar and entertainment from Sonny Eclipse. Order ahead to avoid lines that can get quite long. 

Next is table service. As the name implies this is the type of dining where you sit and food is delivered to you. 

1. Be Our Guest- This is one of the newest and most popular restaurants at Magic Kingdom. This restaurant is actually quick service for breakfast and lunch and table service for dinner. It is located in Fantasyland and serves American and French cuisine. Reservations needed for dinner usually. There are 3 dining areas: The Grand Ballroom, The West Wing, and the Castle Gallery. All 3 have the same menu just different views/themes. For breakfast enjoy coffee, juice, pastries, quiche, and breakfast sandwiches. Lunch brings sandwiches, salads, pork, turkey, and more. Then comes the amazing dinner. Start with an amazing appetizer such as a cheese plate. Then try chicken, shrimp, scallops and more for dinner. Don't forget to try the Grey Stuff for dessert. 

2. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen- Try tropical cuisine in this restaurant located in Adventureland. Enjoy the flavors of Asia, Africa, and South America. Enjoy dining in 1 of 3 rooms: the crew’s colonial-era Mess Hall, the Jungle Room, and the S.E.A. room. Enjoy chicken, shrimp, and more. Enjoy a dessert call "Quick Sand." Open for lunch and dinner. 

3. Liberty Tree Tavern- This is a buffet/family style restaurant located in Liberty Square. Reservations are strongly recommended. This is a colonial-style inn serving traditional New England-inspired delicious food. Eat in 1 of 6 themed rooms: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, or George Washington. For lunch or dinner enjoy the Patriots Platter which is all you can enjoy includes Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Carved Pork Roast with Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Herb Stuffing, and House-made Macaroni and Cheese. You can also order À la Carte at lunch only. 

Now on to some of the best dining, Character Dining. Who doesn't like eating and meeting some of their favorite characters?

1. Crystal palace- This is a buffet style character dining located on Main Street USA. Here you get to dine with Winnie the Pooh and other Hundred Acre Woods favorites. Reservations are highly recommended. The restaurant is inspired by Victorian greenhouses. For breakfast enjoy omlets, fruit, pastries and more. At dinner you can choose from carved meats, pastas, shrimp, and more. Lots of desserts to choose from as well. 

2. Cinderella's Royal Table- This is a one-of-a-kind dining experience located in Fantasyland. Meet Cinderella in the Grand Hall before going up the spiral staircase to the dining room.( an elevator is available for those who need it). Dine in a storybook setting and enjoy the Disney Princesses. Young guests are encouraged to dress up (gowns and tiaras are great). Reservations are suggested. For breakfast enjoy favorites such as french toast, steak and eggs, and more. Dinner and lunch start with cured meats and cheeses. Then move on to the main course with items such as pork tenderloin or steak and shrimp for adults and chicken nuggets or pot pies for kids. Last enjoy delicious desserts such as Clock Strikes Twelve. 

Sometimes in our busy day we just want to grab a snack. Here are some of the favorite places to grab a quick snack. 

1. Aloha Isle- This is one of the top favorites as this is where you can find the infamous Dole Whip. Frosty Floats and Pineapple spears are also available here. This snack area is located in Adventureland. Mobile orders are accepted here. 

2. Gaston's Tavern- Grab some cool snacks located in Fantasyland. Choose from vegetable and fruit cups, hummus, and warm cinnamon rolls. Don't forget to grab a drink, such as LeFou's Brew—the restaurant's signature non-alcoholic drink. 

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