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Friday, May 30, 2014

Green Products

A lot of us are going green to try to help the environment but may not know where to get environmentally friendly products. Here are websites to head to and check out:


Bella's 4th Birthday- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

As promised here is my post on the mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme birthday party.

This was the invitation we used. It was made free online at it can be customized to your liking. 

Pluto Punch:
I used
1 can frozen concentrate orange juice
1 can frozen concentrate lemonade
1 can frozen concentrate pineapple juice
2 12oz cans of orange cream soda (or can also use ginger ale or other pop)
7 cups of water
Mix all well, chill, and serve.

Goofy Grape Salad:
4lb green grapes
1 cup sour cream
8oz cream cheese
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
Mix together sour cream, cream cheese, and white sugar.  Stir in the clean grapes.  Spread into a 9x13 pan.  Sprinkle the brown sugar over the top of dish.  Refrigerate overnight.

I personally liked it better without the brown sugar on top and will be making it without next time. The combo of the ingredients reminds me of the fruit dip they have at the fruit/salad bars. It is really good.

For Two-dles Noodles I used macaroni salad, although you could use any pasta salad really even homemade.

Chips and Dale with Donald and Daisy Dip. It is good to have a variety of flavors of chips and dips to give guests a choice. We had regular, sour cream and onion and BBQ chips as well as the cheese balls. As far as dip we had ranch, french onion, and green onion. 

As with any picnic/outdoor party you have to have your condiments. We had hot dogs and brats and metts so mustard and ketchup are good. You can also have relish, pickles, other flavors of mustard, and more.
We had hot diggity dogs, or hot dogs lol.

Here are the Mousekatools. You have to have your utensils, plates, napkins, cups, and more. All went along with the theme of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. All signs were handmade and hand drawn by me.

The decorations. Black, red, and yellow balloons are a great color combo for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.  The black balloons were also used to make a Mickey Balloon. One was blown up bigger and then 2 smaller ones were attached as ears. Regular colored party hats were bought for a pack of 8 for 97 cents from Walmart and the ears were added on by me. 

Always have to have a few activities to do at birthday parties. We were at the park so kids were able to run and play, but we also had this crafts table for everyone to decorate shirts with fabric markers. 

The cake was also made by me. I used a Mickey Mouse cake pan bought from Michaels. For the black I used the black spray can icing with the star tip. For the white I used white spray can icing. For the skin color I used the white spray can icing mixed with Wilton icing coloring in the color copper, which was bought at Walmart in a set of icing colors kit. I also star tipped that color. 

Update since last time- May 30, 2014

Ok it's been a while since I posted. Things have been pretty busy with 3 kids. 8 months ago today, our little peanut was born way too early at 16 weeks 4 days. It was a little boy, Oscar William Owens, born Sept. 30, 2013 at 12:04am weighing 5oz and was 7.5 inches long. We had him cremated and have him in his own special box.

In November we celebrated Louie's first birthday. It was a small party at McDonalds with some family. Louie has come a long way and has since started walking. He is still delayed, has speech troubles, troubles with his epilepsy, and still gets sick easily. His sensory problems are a big deal, and even keep him from enjoying swimming like his sisters enjoy doing. He is in Speech therapy and feeding therapy as well as early intervention. He is currently on a break from occupational therapy and for now has graduated from physical therapy.

In March we celebrated Kaya's 3rd birthday with a Mickey Mouse/ Minnie Mouse theme. We also celebrated at McDonald's since the weather was crazy and chilly and we got snow up into April!! I cannot believe she is 3 already, time just flies. She also started and finished a home based preschool, where she went to the center twice a week on the bus. Next school year she will do the school based and go half days, 5 days a week. She is looking forward to it a lot. This summer she wants to go swimming a lot and camp and enjoy our golf cart we just got. She is currently loving Mickey and Minnie mouse, Bubble guppies, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sophia the first, anything to do with coloring and crafts, and getting into trouble like 3 year olds do. 

Just this month we celebrated Bella's 4th Birthday. She too had a Mickey/Minnie theme, but we got to celebrate at the park, and mommy decided to go all out for this one. I made signs, special food, balloons and everything. I will be making a separate post on this. Bella was also in the home based program with Kaya and will be joining her in the school based program next year with the county, unless we happen to move like we want to do, then hopefully we will be in Harrison and they can go to preschool at the school. Bella is into the same things Kaya is and is also looking forward to swimming and camping this summer. We are hoping to take a camping trip to Tennessee this summer. For Bella's birthday weekend we went camping.

We also have went to Stricker's Grove, which is a little local amusement park. The girls loved the rides and had a blast, Louie not so much.  He only enjoyed the train ride. 

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