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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My dream home

          Like me, I am sure we all have that visual of what we would love for our home. I have the one visual of what I could expect and want in a home that I could actually afford, and then I have my DREAM home that I would build if money were no object. I am going to tell you about my dream home, and I would LOVE to hear about yours.

          Let's start with location. I HATE the cold, so it would have to be in a warmer location. I would love to be somewhat near the beach, but I also don't want to be in a major city, I want some seclusion, but close enough to everything where you don't drive forever just to get to something. I would love Florida, but I would also really love Tennessee. It does get cold, but not freezing, there is lots of land, it is a pretty center location and only a few hours from beaches and family and lots of entertainment. If you want specifics we have discussed Newport, Tennessee.
Now for the actual house itself. It has to be on plenty of land. I want a wrap around porch and big windows. I want to be able to look out over the beautiful view and sit on my porch from where ever I want to. Something like a combination of these pictures. 

Outside I want a big fire pit/fireplace and an outdoor kitchen. I want an area where we can throw parties, and an area where we can go outside and have fun and be comfortable. Check out that outdoor media area. That is just amazing!!
A pool is a MUST!! Even want a little kiddie pool and a pool for the pets to play in. A fun play-set for the kids and eventually the grand-kids is also a must. 

Now lets move to the inside of the house. In the entry I want to have a place for everyone to put their shoes, coats, bags everything they need right there together. This will also be our organization area with our calendar so everyone can see as they are coming and going what is going on. 
Now on to the kitchen. That is a big part of the house. A LOT happens in the kitchen of the house. I am a baker and I LOVE hosting get-togethers,  so my kitchen is very important. It has to have a double oven. I want a walk in pantry, lots of cabinet and counter space. I want a pet station where their bowls are put and food is kept at. I want an island with its own sink and maybe even another oven and/or stove. My stove has to have many burners as sometimes I do a lot of cooking at once, especially during the holidays. I also want a little breakfast bar where the kids can sit and eat breakfast in the mornings or just sit and talk. 

An extension of the kitchen is the dining room. My dining room has to be connected to my kitchen. It wouldn't be anything extravagant, but it has to have a big table. We are a family of 6, plus often have a few extras, and want to have the table to host holidays and parties. I would also love to have a breakfast nook area.

The center of the home is the living room. This is where we relax as a family, where we sit when people come over, this is the entertainment hub of the home. The living room has to have a nice entertainment area, lots of seating, and must be welcoming. While there is a TV I would probably have a separate theater room where we would have movie nights and the such. I also want a fireplace.

An essential part of any house is the bathrooms. I would like to have 3+ bathrooms. I don't like having to wait around to have to use the bathroom, and having a family of 6 people often have to use the bathroom or shower at the same time. Having multiple bathrooms would definitely help with that. The master bathroom is the major one. I have to have a Jacuzzi tub and a nice walk in shower with lots of space. I want my bathroom to be relaxing. A double sink would be great. The kids would have bathrooms which would be great to be attached to the rooms for easy access. Think 2 girls bedrooms with a bathroom in between and same for the boys. I would then have a guest bathroom and then one like a powder room no tub or anything.
 Next comes bedrooms. We have 2 girls so I would want each to have their own bedroom. Everyone is always talking about decorating kids rooms in character themes and everything and while I think it's cute, in my opinion I think the room itself should be neutral and save the sheets and such for characters. Kids change likes so much that they could like a character when you decorate the room and then 2 months later may not like that character anymore and then if the whole room is decorated in that character then they are either stuck with a room decorated like a character they don't like or you will be redecorating a LOT. Now my older girl is more of a tomboy so I wouldn't have her room all frilly and girly. I would probably decorate in blues and greens as green is her favorite color. The room will of course have a bed, and dresser and like a little reading/work nook. There will be no toys in the bedrooms as we will have a playroom. There will probably be a little area dedicated to animals as she is a BIG animal lover.  Now my younger daughter is a girly girl so pinks and purples and light blues for her. It will again have a bed and dresser and reading corner. It will also have like a beauty area as she loves painting her nails and everything. The beds in both rooms will be bunks for sleepovers.
I also have 2 boys so each will have their own room as well. Both love all things boy including cars, super heroes, farming, ect so I think we would do something around that likely. The setup would be similar to that of the girls with bed, dresser, reading area, and something to fit with their liking.
I like to babysit and may in the future decide to foster or anything so I would add a nursery on, plus grand kids in the future could use it. It would be gender neutral and have the necessities. It would be all ready for a baby/babies.
Now on to the guest bedrooms and master bedroom. I want to have an extra few bedrooms for if family comes to visit or if we do foster. They wont be anything fancy, just neutral bedrooms. My bedroom needs to have a fireplace. I want a rustic/country theme. I also need a big walk in closet.

With all those people in the house a laundry room is very important. I would love 2 washers and 2 dryers to help with all the laundry we do. I also want an area for folding and everything. I also want space to wash the animals like a pet washing station.

Ok so kids have to have a place to play. I want one area where all the toys are can have them sorted and organized. Have a lego/block table, a place to play cars, a doll area and everything. I also want a separate area where I will make a little town. It will have a school, grocery, house, post office, vet and things like that. I love them getting to use their imaginations. I also want a therapy room with swings and stuff inside a place to jump and everything. 
We home school and we love doing crafts so a home school and craft room is an absolute necessity. Tables, lots of storage, desks, computers and more. Craft storage for EVERYTHING!!
I think that about sums it up. That is my dream house in a nutshell. I would love to hear about your dream houses.

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