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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holidays and the Cincinnati Zoo

Well we are coming upon the end of the year. Christmas is over. We seen lots of family and the kids got SO much. They really had a good Christmas, which is great. We loved getting to spend time with family and friends. One of our big gifts this year was a family pass to the Cincinnati Zoo. I wanted a gift we could all get use out of and that we could enjoy all year long. This will be a great opportunity for plenty of family time. This pass was the best choice. Just this month we have been twice. I love seeing the amazement of the kids seeing the animals. Sometimes the animals even interact with the kids, which makes the experience so much better. I love seeing them smile and hearing them laugh at the animals. We took a trip today. We got there shortly after opening, and we got to watch some of the animals eating, which was pretty cool to be able to experience. Also in the cat exhibit there was one of the cats that was playing with Bella, my 6 year old, by pacing with her and if she stopped it stopped. We call Bella that cat whisperer. The white Bengal tiger was on a roll today. He was upset over something and kept roaring. It made the kids quite excited to hear the sounds. We hope to have many more wonderful experiences at the zoo this upcoming year. If you haven't been and you are in the area I suggest making a trip as the Cincinnati Zoo is a wonderful zoo.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 at a glance

2016 has all but come and gone. This year has been one heck of a year, that's for sure. Silas turned 1, Louie, turned 4, Kaya turned 5, and Bella turned 6. Silas got diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and had his decompression surgery right before his first birthday. The girls have had so much fun with girl scouts. We made a trip to Gatlinburg which was a lot of fun. We also went to Indianapolis and went to the Children's museum and visited the speedway. Louie started his second year of preschool. Kaya started kindergarten and Bella first grade at Crosby, but we decided home was a better option and are now doing great in online school here at home. Early in the year Kaya got diagnosed with scoliosis and recently we found out she has a condition similar to Silas's Chiari and Silas got tubes in his ears and can finally here us. In the coming year we will find out so much more with everything with the kids. In January we will see if Silas will need glasses, Kaya sees the headache clinic for her really bad headaches, and Silas follows up from his tubes. In February we start the psychology journey with Louie see if he has an intellectual disability and see if he is autistic and he sees the CP clinic again. March Kaya will be 6 and she sees neurosurgery to see what they want to do with her condition. In april Silas turns 2. He sees the developmental dr again as well as the CP clinic. May Bella will be 7. Kaya and Louie will have their check-ups and we round out another school year. July the boys go back to genetics and we should start testing again to see if we can find a diagnosis for everything. Should have answers with that by October. August silas has his yearly MRI and neurosurgery appointment. It will also be Lou's birthday, only 1 more year until he is 30!! november will bring mine and Louie's birthdays, me 28, Louie 5! Merry christmas everyone and Happy New Year. Let's finish this year out great with family and friends and see what 2017 has to bring.

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