Green Kid Crafts


We LOVE doing crafts and would love to get some ideas from you on what kind of crafts you like to do.

This was the footprint chick. Paint the foot yellow and put the print on the paper. Get the toes covered again and use the toe print for the wings. Paint on black feet and an orange beak and add a wiggly eye found at craft stores and some other stores such as Walmart and Target.

These are foam eggs. Cut eggs out of craft foam and let the kids decorate with a variety of objects. We used other foam pieces which can be cut out or sold as shapes and objects in stores, paint, and pom poms. You can also use buttons, leaves, feathers, glitter, or anything you desire.

These are handprint octopus. Paint the one hand blue and do a print facing each way. Once they dry add on the googly eyes.

These are footprint rockets. Paint the foot as you desire in colors and put the print down.Make a small triangle for the top, and 2 smaller ones for the sides.

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