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Friday, September 22, 2017

Potty Training

We are into the final diaper phase. Our youngest is potty training!!!! Hopefully shortly we will be all done with diapers. Already having 3 done, number 4 should be easy, right?

One thing I have learned through all my potty training experience is let them do it at their own pace. They will potty train when they are ready, and pushing them before they are ready may make them more unwilling. My girls were relatively easy. They started potty training around 2. By time my oldest was 3 and my younger daughter was 2 they were both pee trained. Now getting my oldest to poop on the potty, that was the hard part. she wanted nothing to do with it, until her sister was doing it and she decided to follow suit and neither looked back.  Now my older son he was completely different from the girls. We started trying to potty train him around 2.5 and he would do it every now and then, but nothing consistent at all. Shortly before his 4th birthday he decided one day he was going to start going on the potty and has since. Now we have reached our youngest's journey in potty training. He decided himself that he was ready a few days ago. He ripped his diaper off, ran to the potty and has been going pretty consistently. Today he decided to poop on the potty. This is going great!!! He is taking control and I am letting him.

Most of the day we are home so he goes without a diaper so that he is free to use the bathroom as he needs to. I have never used pull-ups with any of my kids. I have found them to be a waste. We did the diaper-less approach for a little while then would go straight to underwear. If they go to the bathroom in a diaper they are used to that it doesn't bother them as much. When they go in underwear they feel it more and are more likely to not want to do it, so it is a sort of motivation.

This is a step we are very grateful for. With the Chiari and everything, we weren't sure if he would have any damage and have the ability to feel when he has to go or to hold it to the potty. We never know what to expect for anything when it comes to him, so this came as a very happy surprise. When it comes to our kids, we take nothing for granted.

A favorite part of every potty training experience has been when they were doing good for a few weeks and we got to go shopping for their first underwear. My oldest I think she chose Minnie Mouse and my other daughter went for Disney Princess. My older son went for a cars theme. Silas currently loves Batman and mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol so those will likely be the ones on the radar when we go shopping in a few weeks.

While I definitely love the baby stage, the diaper era is one I will not miss. We have had at least one kid in diapers for the past 7 years. We will be glad to not have any more diapers, and be able to move on to the big kid stages and experience life without diaper changes. Next phase up is having all 4 kids in school. We still have 3 years for that stage to be complete, but we enjoy the time that we have and take things a day at a time.

Just remember when potty training, let them take the lead they will do it when they are ready, not when you are ready.

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