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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Homeschooling update

So far so good on the home school front. For those who don't know my 2 oldest attend Ohio Virtual Academy through K12, but we also supplement with our own ideas.  Bella is doing so much better than last year. This is her second year of 1st grade and she is finally catching on to reading!! I am so happy. She is still a little behind in reading but is an expert at math. Kaya is really advanced, can out-read Bella and is also advanced in math. I am very proud of both of my girls.
Here are some pictures of what Bella has been doing from the first few weeks:

and Kaya: 

Before school started we got some family pictures done and when we did we decided to get school pictures done for the girls. I think they turned out great. 

Bella has had her share of tests in all subjects so far this year and I think she has been doing pretty well.

Ms. Kaya has also been doing really great on her tests.
We have been trying to take weekly field trips to different places where we can both learn and have fun. We have been to local parks in the area so far where we have learned about tree life cycles and nature as well as learned about fossils and gone rock hunting. We have the zoo coming up, as well as museums and farms. I will keep you guys updated on whats coming up and what happens.

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