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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Buskins Leggings

Have you tried Buskins leggings yet? If not check them out here. They are a relatively new company, launched in December 2014.  Buskins leggings are SOFT, Durable and great quality and are made from Polyester and Spandex. They have  one size leggings, plus size, and kids sizes. 
I ,being a bigger woman,  am not a big leggings fan for myself , but I LOVE them for my daughters. I had the privilege of trying a pair of Buskins leggings for my girls and let me say I loved them. For both adults and kids there are so many cute patters and designs to choose from, even some for holidays. They even have mommy and me designs which I might have to consider. We have the Alpine Lodge design.
You can go here and check out specials as well as whats available to buy. If you decide to order, orders placed on business days by 1pm PST will ship same day and are shipped FREE  in USA and CANADA. 

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