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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Myths about Large Families and what You Really Need to Know

What do you consider to be a large family? The average family everyone thinks about is 2 parents and 2, maybe 3 children. Anything above 3 children people seem to think we are crazy and start assuming a lot of things. I am not even sure where most of the ideas come from. Here are some things people assume about large families and the real truths:

  1. We don't all have older kids who automatically take care of the younger kids. Those who do have older kids don't all use them to just take care of the younger kids. We have large families because we enjoy kids and wanted that many children. Yes we may use them to help with the younger kids sometimes and they play and enjoy them, but we the parents do the hard work. They are our children, we are the ones raising them, not the older kids.  
  2. We are not crazy for wanting large families. While some people may be happy having only 1 or 2 kids, some of us want 9-10 or more. That is our decision just as it's your decision to have how many you have. So often, when people hear how many kids we have, they act like we are the lady that you see on the news that has 25 cats. 
  3. Having a large family doesn't automatically mean we are on government assistance. Sure some are but there are also small families or even people without kids that receive government assistance. Usually if we are on assistance it is because something happened that temporarily put us into a situation where we needed help and we are trying to better ourselves and will get off assistance as soon as we can.
  4. While some of us homeschool, not all do. A lot of people for whatever reason automatically assume large families and homeschooling go hand in hand. While homeschooling is becoming more and more popular it isn't just among the large family population and many large families still use public school. 
  5. No we do not all live on farms. Also not all of us live in huge houses either.  Some live in the city some in the country. We live in big houses, small houses, and apartments just like smaller families. 
  6. Yes we have our hands full, but so are our hearts. We really do get tired of hearing that ALL THE TIME. 
  7. Not all of us are super fertile. Some struggle with infertility and work hard to get pregnant. Sometimes large families are created through adoption as pregnancy just can't happen. There are different ways these families are created.
Large families are just like any other family, except for the fact we have more kids. Have any questions? Just ask

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