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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Disney Love and Walt Life Subscription

If you are anything like me, then you are a big Disney fanatic. I grew up getting to go to Florida every spring break and usually visiting Disney World. I am not sure of the amount of times I have been in my life, but I am going to guess around 15-20 times. In my adult life I have been twice and hope to go many more times. In my eyes Disney is NOT just for kids. I still feel the magic when I go, and want my kids to be able to enjoy the fun and magic I experienced growing up.
We took my oldest when she was 8 months old and I was pregnant with our younger daughter. Even at that age and me being pregnant there is so much to experience. That is part of the amazing things about Disney, there is something for everyone. Magic Kingdom really has rides for everyone, from simple slow rides to big roller coasters. I was able to go on pretty much everything, besides the big thrill rides, which at any other amusement park wouldn't happen.
One of my favorite rides is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Since I was little it has been updated to reflect the movies, but it is still an amazing ride. For those who don't know it is a boat ride bsaically through a pirate adventure. 
As far as the thrill rides go I love Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster. When I took my daughters I got them to go on all of them besides the Roller coaster. They really enjoyed them.

One of the things that makes me sad is that the characters no longer can walk around. I remember growing up and walking around and having the surprise of running into characters. You never knew who you would get to see or when. Now you have certain times and locations with super long lines you have to stand in to meet the characters or you can pay to eat at character meals. We had to meet characters while we were there so we made sure to make time. We actually got to meet quite a few. If you are waiting on a fastpass and want to stay close by and a meet and greet is nearby it is a great way to make use of your time waiting. 

One of my favorite things to do besides the rides and characters is shopping. There is so much there that I would love to be able to buy. One way to bring some of that magic into your home is thru
Walt Life, Inc. This is a monthly subscription box that brings a little disney magic into your home every month. There are different levels available to choose from that lets you find something to fit your budget. Each level gets you more and more magic. There are even levels just for pin collectors. If you don't want to do monthly you can choose a one time box or even just select single items to buy. It really is a great way to bring some Disney into your home. - It's a way of life!

We plan on making our Disney trip a yearly trip. Our next trip is planned for February 2018 and we are really looking forward to it. This is going to be our first big family trip to Disney. We will likely stay off site but close by and plan on visiting Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Will definitely let everyone know once it happens.

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