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Monday, May 21, 2018

Things to Do in The Cincinnati Area This Summer

If you are local to Cincinnati or will be traveling the area this summer here are some things to check out.

  1. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens- This is a must do for the area. Lots of animals to see, including the famous hippo Fiona. The new gorilla world is amazing to see as well. There are lots of events over the summer to check out. If bought online tickets start at $17 for adults and $12 for kids. Parking is $10. Information about special events, special admission days, types of tickets and more can be found at
  2. Newport Aquarium- If you love aquariums you have to visit this one. Octopi, Stingrays, Alligators, Penguins, Sharks and more. There is so much to see and do at Newport Aquarium. Tickets are $17.99 for kids and $24.99 for adults. For more information and to purchase tickets visit here.
  3. Kings Island- There is fun for everyone at Kings Island. The snoopy kids area has rides for kids of all ages. There are plenty of thrill rides and roller coasters for the adults and enthusiasts. Some of the roller coasters are marked as the best in the world!! There is even Soak City, the waterpark right at Kings Island, great for cooling off on a hot day. You can get daily tickets for as low as $44.99. Details and more information on the park can be found at
  4. Coney Island/Sunlight Pool- Another big summer favorite. Coney Island has all the rides and then hop on over to Sunlight pool to cool off. One reason this is a big favorite is unless you are going to ride or go in the pool you don't have to pay. This is great for parents who don't do rides, but want to take their kids to enjoy the rides without having to dish out a ton of money to do nothing. Tickets can be bought just for the pool, just for the rides, or both and they offer evening discounts for after 4pm. To buy your tickets or to check out the options and more visit
  5. Dart Rush- This is a new one we are really looking forward to checking out. Everyone likes laser tag. Well this uses Nerf Guns and have dart wars in a dart arena!! Doesn't that sound fun? It is located at Newport on the Levee and designed for ages 6 and up. You can bring your own blaster, or rent for them for an additional fee. The cost to play is $12/1 hour, $17/1.5 hours, and $22/2 hours. The rental costs are anywhere from $2-12 depending on the tier level of the blaster you choose. For more information visit

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