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Friday, May 18, 2018

Big Update on the Kids

Ok so have had some time to sit and think and reflect on yesterday. i know some have it way worse but for us this is hard. My oldest son who is 5.5 had a psychological evaluation done and we got the results yesterday. We were also checking for autism. He does not have autism which is good to know. They suspect ADHD but won't diagnose yet because they said he was calm enough during the evaluation (even though just 20 minutes earlier in another evaluation he couldnt stay in his chair or anything) and he isn't in school yet so his attention there can't be measured so he doesn't qualify for the ADHD diagnosis yet they will see how it goes come fall when he starts kindergarten. Then came the cognitive testing which besides the nonverbal part in which he did great at everything was below normal which we suspected but its hard to hear. His spatial skills, language skills, and fine motor are all also behind. They want OT, speech and behavioral therapy this summer before school starts. When school starts they highly recommend a program that provides an intensive and comprehensive educational plan within a highly structured setting. They also recommend one that provides social skills, fine motor skills and communication skills. Our school district is already fighting me and won't do ANYTHING until after school starts and they see how he does in a school setting. I understand that, but he is already behind his peers. He just learned and still barely knows the alphabet. He can count to 10. He knows most colors but has some troubles but is also likely color blind so thats a hard one. He knows some shapes. He can count to 10. He can not identify any letter or numbers. He has dyspraxia especially in relation to graphomotor tasks, upper limb coordination (he has cp all limbs affected but arms more so than legs and right side more so than left). He can't copy simple designs. hecan't write anything cant identify even his name. difficulty even with cutting shapes. Even durignt he ot evaluation he required moderate modification of or assistance with tasks even the simple ones.

This is just one child too. My oldest is getting ready for a psychological evaluation and sleep study and everything. My other daughter has pt and such for EDS. My youngest has appointments for CP and everything as well its very overwhelming.

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