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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rainy Day activities

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With summer approaching the kids will be out of school and always looking for something to do. The worst days are the rainy days when they are all saying "I'm Bored. What can I do?" Well here is a list of some rainy day activities.

  • Create a town out of boxes- big or small you choose
  • build a blanket/pillow fort
  • visit the library- there are lots of activities to do and books to check out. some even have a play area
  • indoor treasure hunt/ scavenger hunt
  • make music and dance
  • play board games
  • learn a new skill
  • bake/cook
  • watch movies
  • do crafts
  • create a play/puppet show
  • Make special cards or write a letter- check online for places you can send them like nursing homes or to soldiers
  • Have a tea-party/indoor picnic
  • go to a museum
  • Lego-Building Contest
  • do fun science experiments
  • go to an indoor pool
  • go bowling
  • go to a roller rink
  • go to an inflatable play place or trampoline park
and the best one yet...

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