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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Some of our favorite toys

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Like most girls their age my girls are in love with the surprise balls, especially the LOL surprise dolls. We love getting them and making youtube videos of their opening. Our favorite can be found here. Do your girls love the lol surprise dolls?

What kid doesn't like play-doh? There are so many different play-doh sets available now they can have endless hours of fun making everything!!

My boys recently started daycare and they have one of these at daycare and they LOVE it. It allows so much free-play with cars, animals, dolls and more. It is truly amazing and I think i might get one for home.

Anything to do with crafts is a big hit in our house. Paper, markers, crayons, coloring books, paint, craft kits and so much more. We love doing crafts for different holidays. Some of our crafts can be seen here

Paw Patrol is a must in the house. We have the Paw patroller and rescue vehicles and even a paw patrol bubble maker. Silas is a big fan and the other kids enjoy it too.

All the kids in the huse LOVE PJ Masks. We have a golf set, figures, a tablet thing that reads them PJ masks books. They even love watching it. Another big hit.

What kind of things do your kids enjoy playing with?

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