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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Club

I belong to a club. It is a club that once you join, there is no getting out. It is also a club that I would not wish anyone to have to join. This club is the club or parents who have lost a child. It is a sad club. I have made friends in this club, and sadly have had some of my friends join this club. I recently had a good friend join this club after the loss of her little baby boy. I don't want anyone to have to know how it feels to join this club as it isn't a good club. The only good thing about this club, is we all understand what the others are going through and help those who are new to the club.

For those that are new to the club, it does get easier. The pain may never go away, but it will get easier. We are here for you. No matter if it was a pregnancy loss or a baby who was with you just a short time it matters just the same. You have a great support system in this crappy club. 1 in 4 women have suffered a loss, that's a pretty big club, and that's not counting the babies lost in the months after birth and the older children.
If you want to read my story you can here.

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