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Monday, November 6, 2017

Best of Friends

We all have friends, some we have lost touch with, and others who have become more like family. We may even have friends that we grew up with and are still friends. It is nice when we have friends who have kids close in age who go on to become friends and maybe even best friends.

My husband and I had a friend who had kids close in age to our kids. Their oldest girl was only 14 months younger than my oldest girl and 4 months younger than my other daughter. They then had a daughter who was 4 months younger than my son. Her youngest is 16 months younger than our youngest. Due to some crazy circumstances we are no longer friends and sadly the kids have lost their friendships. It is very sad when that happens. They used to live across the street, we did almost everything together and I even babysat for them.

Now we have another set of friends whom over the years our friendship keeps growing and we have become more like family. This is truly amazing when this happens. We have become very close and can talk to each other about anything and everything. We even celebrate the holidays together and spend the night at their house. Now they have a daughter who is 17.5 months younger than my oldest and 8 months younger than my other daughter. They are amazing friends and love having sleepovers.

They have a son who is 15 months younger than my older son and should have been about a month apart from Oscar, our son we lost. They love getting dirty and playing in the mud together. They don't like to sit still so its hard to get pictures.
Then comes our youngest boys. Our boys are only 15 days apart and are becoming the best of friends. When they are together they are inseparable and get along so well. It is truly amazing and I am glad they are so close in age and can grow up together.

We have some great neighbors who also have kids close in age. The one neighbor who is a good friend has a son 1-2 years older than my girls and a daughter who is 10 months younger than my youngest. It is so cute watching them and love watching them grow together. I babysit her sometimes so they get to play a lot. 

This is one of my favorite parts of parenting, watching my kids have good friends and getting to grow with them especially when they are the children of our good friends. 

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