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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

End of November update and what is to come in December

Wow I can't believe we are already at the end of November and going into December. it is the end of the year already!!! This is truly unbelievable.
The beginning of this month I celebrated my 28th birthday and shortly after Louie celebrated his 5th birthday!! He had a Peppa Pig party at McDonald's Play place.
We of course celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a nice day with family. We also this past weekend tried to check out the Festival of Lights at our zoo, but it was way too crowded and the kids and hubby got overwhelmed. Good thing about having passes is we can go back on a weeknight when it won't be as busy.
Bella and Kaya both got their first pair of glasses and I got a new pair after 2 year which was much needed. The girls look adorable and feel much better with their new glasses. They are doing pretty well with them, but still adjusting.
The only one who had any doctor appointments this month so far was Silas which was the CP clinic. It went pretty well they said he is doing good. They do strongly recommend getting him into preschool or some sort of structured playgroup or something to help him with behaviors and being around others his age. Kaya has a neurosurgery appointment Thursday, I will update you guys on that next week.
In December, on the 5 Silas has a follow-up with physical therapy to see how he is doing and how his bowleggedness and everything is doing. I am hoping it is getting better to their liking. On the 4th Louie has a CP clinic appointment. I think it'll go over pretty well. On the 13 Bella has an appointment with the reading and literacy center to get checked for learning disabilities like dyslexia. On the 7 my husband has a big MRI appointment which will hopefully give us some answers to his problems. We fear he too has chiari. I also need to get Kaya a follow up with the Rheumatology PT. I will update everyone as we hear information on everything.

Also coming up in December is Christmas so we will be very busy with everything that the holidays bring. I will try to post as often as I can, but don't worry if there sin't a post every day. 

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