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Friday, April 17, 2020

Challenge day 10: opinions on accents

So I work for a call center. I do customer service for Toro. We get calls from all over the United States and Canada and few calls from Virgin Islands and such. Well for those who don't know I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and we moved when I was about 2 to the Cincinnati,OH are. I was raised in this general area and lived here my whole life. The farthest away I was was when I lived in Louisville for college.
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Headquarters for Toro is in Minnesota, so everyone automatically assumes we are in Minnesota when they call us. Well yesterday I was talking with one of my customers and she asks me if I was from southern New Jersey because that is where her husband is from and said my accent sounds like his. Mind you I have never even been to New Jersey let alone am I from there.
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This really got me thinking though if I really do sound like that or if this was just a one time thing. It also got me thinking because my moms family is from New Jersey. Maybe our accents or what others perceive to be our accents are more than just a product of our environments, maybe genetics plays a role in them as well. What do you think?
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