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Monday, December 4, 2017

Top Toys 2017 Ages 8-11

Our next list is for if you are shopping for kids ages 8-11. They can be very hard to shop for as they are past that point for younger toys, but not quite at the point for toys for teenagers and such. Here are the top toys for this age group:

1. Madden NFL 18- This is the next installment in the Madden NFL games. There are 3 new play styles to choose from in this years edition. Rated E for everyone. There is mild language and violence. Xbox one and PS4 editions sell for around $60.

2. NBA 2K18- Another video game that the kids love. This one focuses on basketball. This year you can choose to play in the new neighborhood setting or the park or circuit. This year has the largest selection on players to date. Sells for around $60.

3. LEGOS- After all these years Legos are still a big hit. There are so many different kits for both boys and girls to choose from. You can buy a cheap tiny set, or one of the bigger more expensive sets. There are also themes like star wars, Harry Potter, Spongebob and more. There is also Lego City, Lego Friends, Lego for different superheros and more. So many to choose from. Go here to check out all the different Lego types available.

4. Skyrocket Mebo- This is a new and innovative robot toy. It can spin in a full circle, grab almost anything, and can livestream to your phone. Sells for around $130.

5. RC Cars- RC cars are still totally in style and kids love them. My kids are 7,6,5 and love them, but so do the adults they are great for everyone. There are so many to choose from and you can get simple ones for around $20 or go for the most complex for hundreds of dollars the choice is yours.

6. American Girl dolls- This is the perfect age for a girl (or even a boy) to get an American Girl doll or one of the many off-brand dolls. You can get one that is premade or design one to look like your child. There are so many clothes and accessories out there that it is amazing!! Check out the different types here: American Girl Our Generation My Life Journey Girls

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