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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Blogtober day 10: 10 facts about me

1) i am a Disney lover, been probably around 20-25 times and will never get tired of it

2) i am a Harry Potter all the books and seen all the movies many times...the books are definitely better because the movies leave out so many good parts. I want to go to Harry Potter world at universal.

3) i love dolphins. I got to swim with dolphins down in the Bahamas when i was 16

4) for those who don't know i have 4 kids here on earth and 2 in heaven.

5) i am a scorpio. My birthday is November 2

6) i work in a call center and love it. I never knew how much i would enjoy it but i do. Been there about 2.5 months now.

7) my favorite season is summer. I hate being cold and i hate snow. Only good things about cold weather is fires and cuddling.

8) my favorite holiday is Christmas because i get to spend it with family and i love the excitement my kids get and love the magic.

9) i have my associates degree in medical administrative assisting. I can do scheduling, billing and coding,and more.

10) i have lived in 4 different states: Georgia,Ohio,Kentucky,and Indiana

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