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Monday, February 19, 2018

Your guide to IEPs and 504s

What is an IEP? IEP stands for individual education program. They are for students with qualifying disabilities who require specialized instruction and services in the school setting. An IEP outlines the child’s present assessment information and abilities, the targeted and intense interventions and specialized instruction the child will receive, the goals of the IEP, and the accommodations the child requires to promote success. The IEP is reviewed annually, upon parent request, during transitions to new schools, and if the child’s progress or lack of progress warrants a review of the IEP.

What is a 504 plan? 504 plans are different from IEPs. Some students have one or the other and some have both. While an IEP addresses the academic and other needs a student may need to receive their education, a 504 plan covers accommodations a student may need to receive. The goal of the 504-plan is to “level the playing field. ”  Students with 504-plans do not require specialized instruction or
monitoring.  Students may need a longer time to take tests or sit in a room alone. They may have restrictions for gym class. They may be allowed to take oral tests instead of written or have things read to them. These are types of accomodations a 504 plan covers.

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