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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Next Big Step

Today starts the next big step in my oldest sons life. Kindergarten registration. This isn't my first child to get registered for school, it's actually my third, but it is my first son. This is a really big step for him, because that first year we almost lost him a few times and we had know idea what to expect with his future. We never did, and still don't take a single day for granted. Kindergarten will be great for him. It should help him get more socialized and hopefully be able to teach him new things. He will need and IEP, but that is ok. Once I get him registered I have to call the lady who runs the special education department and get him set up to start the IEP process again. It will help he had an IEP in preschool.

Speaking of IEPs, in this month we will also be likely starting the IEP process for my oldest daughter as well. She was recently diagnosed with a learning disorder and we need to get her an IEP and possibly special education. It is hard as a parent to hear that your child is struggling and that they need extra help, but we also want what is best for our children. This is going to be a big step for both of them in what I hope to be a very successful future for them all.

Next school year the girls will both be going back to the public schools now that their brother will be joining them. My youngest will also be able to start preschool, which is still up in the air. It will be a great experience for him, but they do not provide transportation for preschool, and our closest school doesn't have preschool so for him to go we have to take him to one of the other schools which means driving 9-15 miles one way dropping him off, either driving 9-15 miles back home or finding something to do around the school for 3 hours while he is at school and then getting him and coming home. That is 18-30 miles a day minimum if we stay close to the school otherwise 36-60 miles a day 4 days a week so we are talking a minimum of 72-120 miles a week for preschool. There has to be a better way.

My husband is also taking a major step and getting into a program where he will be getting his high school diploma and certified in welding. This is big for him as he has dyslexia and other disabilities and never finished high school and it has been hard on him not having finished or anything. This is really big for him.

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