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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

End of the month update

Well here we are already at the end of February. time sure is flying by. My husband is in the middle of his second week at his new job. He works at a turkey processing place. Tomorrow i have orientation for my new job. I am going to be working in activities at a nursing home close to home. I am also waiting to hear if I am going to be doing a receptionist position as well as activities is just PRN. I will also be getting my STNA.

With both me and my husband working we aren't able to put the time into the online school that we were before. Bella is also needing more support. She is in the process of getting an IEP and on Monday they are going to be starting back in the district schools. They will not be attending the school they were in before doing online school, they will be going to another school in the district. It is closer to mine and my husbands job and close to the babysitter. Their aunt is going to watch them when they aren't in school and when needed before and after school, as well as watching the boys for us.

We are in the process of Louie's IEP as well for kindergarten next year. I have an appointment on March 26 where I go alone to talk to the behavioral doctor about him. His autism testing and speech and everything is April 19 and we will go back May 17 to get those results. May 7 the boys go back to genetics as well. Bella sees the Developmental doctors on April 5 to talk about ODD and ADHD see whats going on with her. Silas sees psychology on April 9 to go over his behaviors including his feeding issues. He then sees GI on the 11. Lot's of appointments the next few months.

We also have some birthday's coming up. Kaya will be 7 here is 2 weeks!!! Her birthday is March 14. Silas will be 3 just a few short weeks later on April 6, and then Bella will be 8 on May 25!!!

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