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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lets do some shopping

Ok so I work for a company called Luxury Fashions boutique. We sell clothes for women children and men, including plus sizes. We also sell shoes, makeup, jewelry, accessories, and household items. Maybe you have a wedding or party coming up you want a nice outfit for? Maybe you are taking a trip and want some outfits for that maybe even matching family shirts? Need a new swimsuit? Love leggings, we have um. Moving or doing some redecorating? We have items for you. Wanna try some new makeup? We have that too. Love jewelry and accessories? We have some. Do some early Christmas shopping or maybe birthday shopping. Check out what we have you might like it. Invite your friends share with everyone. Here are some of the items we have: Leggings:
Makeup and Beauty Items Clothes and Shoes: Check us out for more items. We are a worldwide company.
We are also looking for new reps. You can sign up though my selling link. Just click and go to sign up now. Any questions please email me at If you do sign up please email me so you can get your training and get added to the necessary groups. Share with everyone get the word out we are a new and rising company

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