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Sunday, July 21, 2013

6 weeks pregnant

OK so im a few days late I am now 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. My morning sickness isn't acting up as bad I have been able to eat the past 3 days which is great. I was cramping really bad and so i went to the hospital and the doctor and my progesterone levels were really low (normal at this point should be 12-20 mine was 5.5) and that's not good so I have to take progesterone pills now and I go back for a recheck tomorrow to see if they are working. Hopefully they are this little peanut needs to stay. I got to see the little peanut and his/her heart beating. It is so little and cute. I go for my first actual ultrasound at the dr office on August 8. I can't wait. No cravings really yet, but I can stand spicy things I can't normally handle and I am loving cheese. The girls are getting excited already and love kissing my belly and telling the baby hi. It is too cute. Also I am getting a little belly already lol.

This was at this point with Louie which was baby #3

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