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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July crafts from Bella

Today has been rainy and so we did a little learning with colors and doing patriotic  crafts today for the 4th of July. To top off the day I think I will now try to make some red,white, and blue spaghetti. Let's see how that turns out. Here are the crafts Bella made:

Finger print flag

paint a pointer finger blue and print the blue box. Wash off and paint red. Print the red stripes. Wash off and paint white. Print the white stripes and the stars.

Hand print flags

On the side of the hand away from the thumb paint it blue.  Paint red and white stripes on the fingers and hands. Press down the the paper. Paint a white star on the blue part. Repeat with other hand.

hand print fireworks

Trace your child's hands on blue and red paper or other colors if you choose. Cut them out and place on the paper to lok like fireworks. Decorate with glitter/glitter glue.

Liberty hat

Cut a green strip of paper or foam long enough to go around your childs head. Tape/glue/staple the ends together to create the hat. Cut triangles out of the paper/foam and place them around the top of the hat with tape/glue/staples. Decorate as you like.

Bella had a lot of fun doing these crafts. These ideas all came from Pinterest and were pretty easy. They are made for preschool/toddlers and up. Adult help is needed

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