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Monday, October 4, 2021

day 2: 20 facts about me

1. I have Irish twins 

2. I am a huge Disney fan 

3. I love camping 

4. I am terribly afraid of snakes.

5. I have 4 tattoos ( but that’s another post)

6. I love cats

7. I love building miniatures 

8. I am currently going through IVF to have a baby.

9. I love Dolphins

 10. I love sugar skulls 

11. I love working with kids. I have been babysitting like 20 years and I have worked in daycares.

12. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan. I am a Hufflepuff.

13. I love the beach

 14. I have my associates degree in medical administrative assisting. I got the degree while pregnant with my youngest in online school from Ultimate Medical Academy 

15. currently working on my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from University of the Cumberlands. 

16. My favorite color is blue.

17. I love baking and wish I was good enough to do it for others.

18. I have ran a 5k and was super proud of myself. Finished in under an hour just about a month after a major car accident

 19. I was in a major car accident back in 2019 after being ran off the Highway by a semi truck.

20. I have 1 brother and no sisters. He is 8.5 years younger than me.

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