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Monday, June 1, 2020

Things to do this summer

  1.  Go berry picking- I know there are a few farms local to me that have berry picking. Check your local farms to see if they offer this fun activity. 
  2. Take a hike- this is a fun activity you can do alone, as a couple, with friends, or as a family. It's a great way to get out and be active and can do other fun activities along the hike like a nature scavenger hunt. 
  3. Have a picnic in the park
  4. Go to a drive in movie- great way to have fun and social distance...also check out other drive in things like drive in petting zoos and such
  5.  Go camping- one of my favorite things to do over the summer. Lots of great campgrounds in my area. Check some out in your area and see how many you can camp at this summer
  6. Go fossil hunting- just make sure the area you go to allows this and make sure if you remove them it's ok to do so
  7. Sign your kids up for virtual summer camps
  8. Ride a local bike trail-another great way to get out and git fit
  9. Go to the park
  10. Check out your library to see if they have a summer reading program
  11. Play some outdoor games like hopscotch, four-square, kickball
  12. Have a water balloon fight
  13. Take a nature-themed class from a local park
  14. Visit a museum
  15. Visit a zoo
  16. Visit amusement park
  17. Go to the beach
  18. Support a local small business and get an ice cream cone or other cold treat
  19. Go creek stomping.
  20. Go to a baseball game
  21. Go birdwatching 
  22. Go to a concert-especially a nice outdoor concert
  23. Feed the ducks
  24. Make Tie-Dye T- Shirts or another fun craft
  25. Learn a new hobby such as crochet, sewing, woodcraft or more
  26.  Go Whitewater Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing something on the water
  27. Do a Random Act of Kindness

  28. Have the Ultimate BBQ
  29. Run/walk a 5k
  30. Have or go to a bonfire
  31. Go to a farmer's market
  32. Watch a sunrise and a sunset
  33. Make s'mores
  34. Sleep under the stars
  35. Fly a kite
  36. Go star gazing
  37. Go bowling
  38. go on a boat ride
  39. learn to surf or water ski
  40. visit a historical site
  41. be a tourist in your own city

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