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Sunday, May 17, 2020

What is wrong in today's society

Every night I sit here with my windows open trying to catch a breeze. Last night as I was sitting there with my windows open and listening to the conversations going on very loudly outside got me thinking. I always hear these guys out here just walking around talking about wanting to have sex with this girl and that girl and saying they can have sex with any girl they want. That is what is wrong with today's world. Everyone has made it about sex and material things. No one wants to actually be there for each other.
Over my time the past year of being separated, I have even come to realize so many guys just want to have sex, but not many want to have an actual relationship. Everyone just thinks about themselves and their needs. Girls aren't just looking for sex. Sure its nice but we want and need more, and I am not talking about material things. We want your love and attention. We want someone we can talk to, a friend, someone we can hang out with and have fun with, someone we can cry to or lean on when we need help, but we will return the favor when its needed because yes guys need and deserve that too. So many guys will try to catch your attention by buying you things, I don't know about everyone else, but I am rather independent for a woman. I can and will do things on my own. I do not need a guy to buy me things or take care of me that way. It is nice, but I would rather have your time and attention. i would rather have experiences and make memories. Sometimes I just want to cuddle up and be held or even do the holding sometimes. There is more to intimacy besides just sex. There is cuddling, kissing, caressing, hand holding, so much more.
                                                    Does anyone else want more than just sex, I mean it's great and ...
So many people have become so non-chalaunt about sex that it isn't what it should be. It's supposed to be intimate. You can have fun with it, but the way society is now they have made it so casual. It almost has no meaning anymore and that is terrible. It is supposed to be an act between people who care about each other. It is pleasurable, but its not a game.
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