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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is funded by the British charity Comic Relief. The first ever Red Nose Day occurred on February 8th, 1988. The first event raised 15 million British pounds. The goal of the fund-raising event is to change the lives of poor and disadvantaged people. Red Nose Day has made its way even to the USA  and since the debut in 2015, we have raised $200 million and have positively impacted over 25 million children in America, and around the world. A Red Nose encourages people to come together, share a laugh, and gives the world something to smile about. It’s a powerful way to start a conversation about Red Nose Day and its goal: to end child poverty one nose at a time.

                                             Red Nose Day – How you can help

You can help in various ways:

Unlock your digital nose here.
You can fundraise in various ways.
There is also 3 hours of TV programming.

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