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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Christmas in July: $700+ in Prizes from Lugz, KORE Essentials, Winning Moves, Big Feet Pajamas, Ugly Christmas Sweater, SmitCo, Monkey Business, Tigerlight, WrawP, Gramma in a Box, Granite Gold, Nectar Bath Treats, See the Light Art Class, and Sift Wallet!

It's July

The winner of this year's Christmas in July Big Family Christmas Giveaway is going to have one happy family when all of these amazing prizes start showing up on their doorstep! Enter to win ALL of the prizes below on the easy giveaway form below! Good luck to all who enter! I cannot wait to find out which one of you wins!

The KORE Essentials Difference in Design & Durability!
ENTER TO WIN a Slim Wallet + Carbon Fiber Money Clip AND your choice belt and buckle from KORE Essentials! The NEW Slim Wallet is Full-Grain Leather (the best grade of leather) and features a removable Carbon Fiber money clip can be used with, or without the wallet. It’s like having two wallets in one!
As if getting KORE's amazing Slim Wallet wasn't awesome enough, they are also offering their KORE belt and buckle to the winner of our Christmas in July BIG FAMILY Christmas event! Their belts use a patented hidden track (they call it "Trakline technology") on the back of the belt, with 40+ size positions to choose from! The result is a perfect fit every time you put it on. They make awesome Christmas gifts because belts are One-Size and fit any waist from 24" to 44" (XL to 54")! Visit KORE Essentials online at and use the code MommysPlaybook10 at checkout to save 10% on your purchase!
SMITCO Diary with Lock for Girls - Secret Hardcover Writing Journal Book with 300 Double-Sided Lined Pages, a Heart Shaped Lock and 2 Silver Keys to Keep Her Dreams Safe - 5 to 10 Year Old Girls
ENTER TO WIN a SmitCo Diary and Locket for Girls! SmitCo has several ideas for keeping the girly girls in your life happy! My favorites include their cute sticker and journaling sets for little girls who love horses, mermaids, unicorns, and furbabies (pets)! Don't believe me! Hop over to check them out for yourself! Find gifts at the tips of your fingers all year-round without having to search your local stores to get what you're looking for. If you are looking for a great girly gift, just visit SmitCo at their online shop anytime of day and there it is! They have a wide selection of gifts for girls. Visit SmitCo online and at Amazon to find the perfect gift for your girly girl this Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Sweater
ENTER TO WIN a winner's choice item from! Stop wasting your time at thrift shops and craft stores trying to find Ugly Christmas Sweaters to wear. Not only does have traditional elf, gingerbread, candy cane, and snowflakes designs, but they also carry a great selection of sweaters referencing classic Christmas movies and shows. Look to them for everything from Home Alone "Filthy Animal" to your favorite Stormtrooper with Antlers! Truly, they have an ugly sweater for everyone! Hurry over to to get started picking out your prize! They have so many choices it might take you all month to narrow down your favorite to just one!
East Pasta Grande Set includes 1 set of Farfalloni pot grips (2 units), 1 Ravioli spoon rest, 1 Penneli garlic peeler & 3 Mafaldine elastic bands.
ENTER TO WIN a PASTA GRANDE Luxurious kitchen gift pack from Monkey Business! There's no Business like Monkey Business! Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994. All products are expertly designed, affordable, practical, AND humorous -- Just like this awesome prize! No BIG Italian Family Christmas would be complete without great conversation and good food! With the PASTA GRANDE set your guests will really have something to talk about, like, "why is the serving spoon on the Ravioli?" and "How are you not burning your hands on the Farfalloni?!" (smile)
Each set includes a set of Farfalloni pot grips, one Ravioli spoon rest, one Penneli garlic peeler & three Mafaldine elastic bands! Visit Monkey Business to learn more.
The D.A.D.® (Defense Alert Device) is the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. #Tigerlight #BeBold #NeverAlone
ENTER TO WIN a D.A.D.®2 from TigerLight! Give someone you love the gift of freedom this Christmas! Freedom to hike without fear. Freedom to run in the park! Freedom to know that no matter where they are, they can protect themselves and their family! TigerLight is dedicated to ending violence through non-lethal personal protection and the makers of the D.A.D.® (Defense Alert Device). D.A.D.® is the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. The alert sends your GPS location to anyone with the D.A.D.® app within a one mile radius, and to those in your D.A.D.™ contact list, regardless of distance. The D.A.D.® alert prompts the receiver to call 911, and provides directions to your location, should the receiver be able to provide immediate assistance in person. Learn more at TigerLight!

ENTER TO WIN Lugz new arrival sneakers! Checkout the lightweight slip-ons, Men's Clipper DLX Oxford Sneaker, from Lugz! I was so excited when I saw these sneakers featured at because they are the ultimate shoe. Pair them with any outfit! Wear them to the lake, dinner with your grandma, and everything in between! The black charcoal white in the middle are my absolute favorite, but the winner of this great giveaway will get to choose their own favorite! Features include a breathable canvas upper for superior comfort and a durable rubber outsole for excellent traction. Visit to learn more and checkout ALL of their new arrivals! (So many great shoes!)
Wrawp products are amazing! Veggie Wraps: Plantbased, 100% Vegan, 100% Raw, (5 flavors: Original, Veggie Life, Spirulina, Energy Morning and Spicy) Coconut Jerky - Low Carbs, Vegan (3 flavors - Teriyaki, Luscious Lime, BBQ Smokehouse) Kelp Chips: 10X More Calcium than milk - 2 flavors (Original, Kelp) 12 month shelf life - super pliable, and versatile
ENTER TO WIN a WrawP Sample Prize Pack complete with all of their delicious snacks and a sampling of EVERY WrawP they offer! The winner of this great giveaway can look forward to receiving 100% organic, 100% Vegan, 100% Raw plantbased veggie wraps in five delicious flavors (Original, Veggie Life, Spirulina, Energy Morning and Spicy), Kelp Chips that have 10X More Calcium than milk, AND Coconut Jerky in three flavors (Teriyaki, Luscious Lime, BBQ Smokehouse)! ALL WrawP products are gluten-free, wheat-free, NON GMO, not processed and come in a variety of 100% organic flavors! That means no matter what you choose to include in your diet, WrawP is always a great choice! Visit to learn more about how their wraps and snacks are made, AND don't forget to visit their recipe section (it's drool worthy, I promise!)
Granite Gold Polish Wipes
ENTER TO WIN a prize package from Granite Gold®! Granite Gold® stone-care products are specifically formulated for use on all natural-stone and quartz surfaces. The winner of this fabulous giveaway will receive Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Wipes®, Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® AND Granite Gold Polish Wipes®. Each of these great products have a specific use that protects and enhances your natural-stone surface. The Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Wipes® are a durable wipe that cleans your natural-stone surfaces from everyday spills and use. The Granite Gold Polish Wipes® are embossed to allow for gentle polishing and will also provide ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints. AND their Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® will seal approximately 75 feet of natural stone — about the size of an average kitchen — maintaining maximum surface protection against staining, etching and soil build-up.
Granite Gold® products are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, The Home Depot, Walmart, and grocery and hardware stores throughout the U.S.; check the store locator at
Winning Moves, the Maker of our Favorite Classic Games!

Winning Moves Classic Games and Family Favorites
ENTER TO WIN a Winning Moves USA Prize Pack! Winning Moves USA's mission is to provide happiness to consumers by offering Classic, Retro, Cool and Fun games for play with friends and family. Some of my favorites from the Winning Moves lineup include the 90's retro Pretty, Pretty Princess®, the timeless classics Clue® Classic Edition, Guess Who?®, and Trouble®, AND the new version of an old favorite Monopoly® The Card Game! These games are THE GAMES you grew up with and thanks to Winning Moves USA, your children can grow up with them too! Visit Winning Moves USA online to find the lastest games for 2019 AND a few of your childhood favorites to share with your family!
Nectar Bath Treats soap confections
ENTER TO WIN a Mix & Match Bubble Bath Scoop AND Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack from Nectar Bath Treats! The sweet treats at Nectar not only look like a delicious dessert, but they smell like them too! Giving your day a child-like whimsy filled with the surprise of experiencing a bath treat scoop of ice cream that looks and smells like the real thing!
Each cruelty free bubble bath scoop is loaded with Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil. While the extra large (4.5 ounces), handmade bath bombs burst with Sweet Almond Oil, Epsom Salts, and Bentonite Clay!
Hop over to learn about all of the sweet treats you wish you could eat at Nectar Bath Treats. While you are there, look at the fun names of each of their Bath Bubble Scoops! Who wants Unicorn Candy, Periwinkle Dream, and Lychee Hibiscus Bubble Bath Scoops? (raises hand) I do!---->Get $10 off a $30 Nectar Bath Treats Purchase with code: RELAX
Gramma in a Box includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles as well two easy candy crafts to make - enough to make up to 20 finished products in each box. Step-by-step instructions with illustrations are included. Fun for everyone in the family.
ENTER TO WIN a complimentary Gramma in a Box! Each monthly box includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles, as well two easy candy crafts to make! Actually, each box has enough to make up to 20 finished products in each box! (Wow! That's a lot in one box!) The Step-by-step instructions with illustrations are the best; so detailed and well written in a way that only Gramma can do it! The entire subscription box is fun for everyone in the family. Get a Gramma in a Box for your kids, grandkids, or friends. Everyone needs a little time in the kitchen with Gramma! Signup for Gramma in a Box today and save $10 off your first delivery!

See the Light Bible Stories Online Streaming & Download
ENTER TO WIN See the Light's Bible Stories Set (Streaming & Downloadable Versions). This awesome art set includes favorites, such as, The Crossmaker (Easter), The Gift of Love (Christmas), God's Runaway (Jonah), God's Special Surprise (Moses), and Shipwrecked (Paul)! The thirty-two videos not only include narrated Bible stories, but they also include fifteen art projects, five chalk drawings, AND bonus videos not available on the DVD series!
Let See the Light Art help you unleash your child's creativity AND teach art at home like a pro with Art Class from See the Light Art! ---->Receive three free art lessons today!

Kid's Red Union Suit Pajamas "DANGER BLAST AREA Sign on Rear Flap
ENTER TO WIN Kid's Red Union Suit Pajamas from Big Feet Pajama Company! This red one piece pajama, in the classical union suit design, has red snaps for front closure and features a non-functioning 3 button dropseat butt flap that has a printed warning sign that reads: DANGER - BLASTING AREA - KEEP CLEAR. Can you imagine how much your child will love these PJs? Comfort and laughter in one set of Pajamas? Yes!!! ♦ Big Feet Pajama Company is the premier manufacturer of high-quality footed pajamas for men, women and children of nearly every shape and size! They are even working towards making sure your pets are outfitted along with the rest of the family. Visit Big Feet Pajama Company online to shop over 60 fun and fashionable colors and patterns of men’s, women’s and children’s footed pajamas and sleepwear!

ENTER TO WIN a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Sift! Sift is an amazing app that helps your credit cards work for you by turning you into the savvy shopper you never knew you could be! Sift is there every time you shop by automatically calculating the optimal card for each purchase to maximize your rewards and cash back benefits, AND helping you collect price drop refunds AUTOMATICALLY!! Savings are a big part of adult life. As grown-ups, we are always looking for ways to put some money aside -- especially for Christmas! But when we try to find deals we quickly learn it is a time-consuming task! Many of us shop online using our credit cards, we don’t really spend time understanding the benefits which we may be entitled too. The Sift App and Sift browser extension can help each one of us save something extra without having to go through too much of a hassle. Learn more at SIFT!

The giveaway is open US Only, 18+
The giveaway ends 7/25 at 1159 pm est
Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.
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