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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Busy Times

We are almost at the of our journey of waiting and hopefully ready for the next step in our journey. We have 4 days...yes that's right 4 days left until testing results should be in!!! These 6 weeks have been a long hard wait, but at the same time have gone by pretty quickly as things tend to do when you take them one day at a time.
Monday Si, my 2yo had an evaluation with Occupational Therapy. It was mostly because of his feeding issues which he is still having and the feeding team can't get him in until January, so the doctor wanted him evaluated by OT. They want to do another video swallow study since his last one was over a year ago and see if anything is going on there. We are in the process of fighting to get that scheduled as I called today and speech who does the scheduling for that said they hadn't received a referral yet so I figured the OT hadn't called the Dr yet to get the referral so I called myself. Turns out they had gotten the call and had sent the referral over 2 days ago so I guess it got lost somewhere in transit and they resent it today so I should be able to schedule tomorrow. They also want him to do 16 weeks of weekly OT starting September 1 and see where he stands after that.
Today I also took a big step and had an interview. I have been a stay at home mom for about 7 1/2 years now. I have gone to school and gotten my Associates Degree which has been pretty useless to me the past almost 3 years now. I applied for a few part time jobs and actually managed to get an interview at a hospital close to home. I am very pleased with how the interview went and was told my information was being sent to HR and that the would be in contact with me. I am very hopeful that I got this job. It is only 20 hours a week so it will still allow me time to homeschool and run all the doctors appointments and errands still. I am hoping I hear something within the next week or so.
I will keep everyone updated on everything that is to come in the next week or so. Thank you for reading.

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