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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rainbow baby

Ok I guess I will now make it Blog official...we found out we are expecting our Rainbow baby....everyone knows we lost our Oscar on Sept 30, 2013 at 16 weeks 4 days. I am now 4 weeks 5 days with our rainbow and by my LMP am due April 11, 2015. We are very excited, yet kind of nervous. Bella, my oldest, keeps telling me I am having twins and that they are 2 girls. This makes me quite nervous as before I found out I was pregnant I was having dreams of having twins. I have my first doctor visit tomorrow most likely for blood work and everything since I am high risk. I am looking forward to my first ultrasound to see if Bella is right or not.

This was our announcement:

I will be trying to post weekly with a bump picture, updates, symptoms and more so keep following.
Since the beginning I have had morning sickness like crazy. Not always actually getting sick, although I have a few times, but almost anything I eat makes me feel nauseous and sick. I am also very tired like all the time. I would love to just sleep all day, although we know with 3 kids that is not possible.  

4 weeks

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