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Monday, March 23, 2020

Things to do while in quarantine

Stuck at home due to the quarantine? Here is a list of things you can do while stuck at home:

  1. start spring cleaning- what better time? There is a virus going around and stuck at home. Get started on your spring cleaning. Find things you can maybe donate or get rid of during this time.                                    Image result for spring cleaning
  2. Complete a puzzle- the bigger the better and more fun to have. See if you can find one you can complete as a family maybe or have smaller ones for the kids to do. Don't like traditional puzzles? Try crosswords, rubix cube or other fun puzzles of those types
  3. Start a journal or blog- A lot of good blogs can start during a time like this. You can writing about the current happenings or choose another topic of your liking. I actually started off years ago just writing about things the family was doing just as memories, and now here I am.
  4. Write poetry- again a good way to just get your mind off things. Maybe you have someone specific you want to write poems for or maybe just write to tell how you feel.
  5. Watch all the really long movies you’ve avoided until now- or binge watch the movie series or even TV series that you have wanted to but may not have had the time to before
  6. Take an online class- there are many websites you can take free online classes, why not take this time to learn something new? Maybe learn a new language, build upon skills you already have, or just learn new skills.        Image result for online classes free
  7. Read a book-or 2 or 10. Maybe you have a book you have been wanting to read but you just haven't had the time to sit and read. Or maybe you have a favorite book or series that you can now reread. 
  8. Meditate or try some yoga- We are all stressed right now whether it be over jobs (or job losses), money, food and supplies, health or just life in general. Why not take this time to learn some relaxation techniques and try them out. It will help now and in the long run.
  9. Do some baking or cooking- we all need to eat anyways. Why not try baking something good or trying a recipe you have wanted to try but it seemed long or complicated so you haven't tried it yet.
  10. Do some drawing, painting or other crafts- I did this with my kids over the weekend. We love having fun. We draw, paint, color, make collages and just have fun with it. 
  11. Play some board games- they all seem to take so much time to play (especially Monopoly) well now you have that time.
What other ideas do you have or what else have you been doing while stuck at home?

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