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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Heres to a much needed update

I am sorry I haven't been as active lately, life has surely been busy. we have had a lot going on and I keep going "oh well I will post an update after this date and important things happen" then that day comes and more gets thrown on so I just push it off more and it all builds up. My husband has been at his job 3 months now and is doing really well and liking it which is great. I just started a new job as an in home caregiver and I really enjoy it. I have only been there a few days and sadly have already lost the client I was taking care of, but it's something we have to learn to live with in this line of work. Things can change in an instant it's part of life. Now on to updating about the kids.

We will start with Bella. We haven't been to the follow-up for her psychological evaluation which is the 21, but we do know she will be diagnosed with ADHD combined type and Oppositional Defiant disorder as well as borderline anxiety. These are things we had a feeling and kind of knew she would be diagnosed with, but hearing it is still a shock and a lot to take in. She went for her 8 year check-up monday and she is healthy besides having lost 4.5lb since April!!! We are now having to track her calories and make sure shes getting enough and go back in 2-3 months for a weight check. If things aren't good then we will be doing testing to see whats going on. This is really hard. She had some problems with this as a baby/toddler but since then she has been our healthy one, all her problems have been behavioral. She is kind of excited to start 2nd grade here in 2 weeks.

Kaya has been doing pretty well actually. She is very excited to be starting 2nd grade in 2 weeks. There really isn't much to update on her as not much is going on luckily.

Louie went on his first field trip with daycare on Friday. They went to the zoo. After daycare we went to my mother in laws house and Louie had an accident. He hit his head pretty hard after falling and we rushed him to the emergency room. They did an xray of his neck and said everything looked ok and sent us home. We weren't home more than 15 minutes and the doctor called wanting us to come back because the xray was reviewed and they seen something. We went back and did a CT scan. What they seen they are pretty sure it wasn't from the fall but something he was born with. We are waiting to get more details from the doctor, but it is sounding like he might have the same problems going on with his c1 and c2 that Kaya does. He is starting kindergarten here in 2 weeks.

Silas is doing ok. We finally got over the allergic reaction for him and was able to clear everything up for the most part. He is having a small breakout again but is relatively fine. He goes the 23 for his allergy testing to see whats going on. Nervous for what that will show.

The girls are going to Kings Island tomorrow and are very excited for it. I will update everyone when we learn more about everything. We are also very excited for a new family member who will be here any day. My sister in law is being induced the 23 if things dont happen before then!!

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