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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My girls were in their first play!!

 My girls are growing up too fast.  They had their 1st grade play last night.  It was called Nuts and it was really cute.  My girls didn't have any major parts but that's ok.  Even the boys enjoyed watching and finding their sisters on the stage.  They were really proud because they got to perform at the big stage at the high school!  Bella got to dress up as a nut and kaya dressed up as a butterfly.  The play only lasted about 30 minutes but was really cute.  Louie had a hard time sitting still but he did pretty good.  All the noise and everything got a little overwhelming for silas but overall he did pretty well too.
I really can't believe we are coming up on the end of another school year.  The years go by way too fast.  Kaya is struggling a bit here at the end of tree year but we are hopeful she will pull ahead these last few weeks.  Bella is doing fairly well and hopeful she will do great these last few weeks.  We are looking forward to both girls moving on to 2nd grade next year and Louie joining them in kindergarten.  They are on spring break next week so will enjoy time off and hopefully have decent weather to enjoy.

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