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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pure Salmon Oil For Dogs & Cats

I used the salmon oil with my dogs and cats. I have 2 small breed dogs and 3 cats. It was easy to use just mix in with food. It has made their coats nice and shiny. They even seem to enjoy the effects it has. now that it is summer they enjoy playing outside and their coats are so shiny and they reflect in the sun. My younger dog was always itching and has really bad dry skin. Since starting him on the salmon oil it has cleared up and he no longer has dry skin. It is quite a relief for him and for us. He was scratching so much his poor skin was bleeding and it has now finally healed. Salmon oil can have many great affects on pets that we might not see every day as pet owners, but it helps in the long run. It can help kidney and bowel function, joint problems, cognitive function and even fight heart disease. Who wouldn't want this for their dog? Here is the link to where it can be bought. It is a great price and a great product and I highly recommend it. The sellers are also very nice and easy to work with if you have any questions. #pupplements #dogrescue #supportdogrescue #secondchancedogrescue

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