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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

spring cleaning tips and tricks

Ok it might be a little late but for those still doing spring cleaning here are some tips and ideas 1. Set deadlines: set dates to declutter and clean a room or area. 2.when cleaning out closets ditch anything beyond repair. For everything else decide if you want it or not. If you're unsure put a removable sticker on it. When you wear it remove the sticker. Anything left with a sticker at the end of the season should be donated or sold. 3. Hate that clutter under sinks? Only keep essentials there and store other things elsewhere. 4. Create a donation station for your family. Every time someone comes upon clothes that don't fit or something they no longer want or need to put it in the box. When it's full take it to your thrift store or donations center and repeat. 5. Garages are one place that gets major complaints. Designate zones for things like gardening, sports, tools, toys, ECT. Place hooks and shelves in each zone and keep everything in its zone. Clear out anything broken or that doesn't fit into your assigned zones. 6. Recruit a friend to help you. It's a lot easier to get rid of stuff when you have help, especially if they want to take things off your hands for you. 7. Start small. When you have a few minutes declutter a little. Clean out a desk drawer or cabinet. You will feel less overwhelmed. If you buy something new eliminate an old item.

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