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Friday, June 20, 2014

8 money saving tips for babies and kids

We all want to save money especially when it comes to our kids right? Here are some essential money saving tips:

1. Do a babysitting co-op:group child care is a lot cheaper than sending your child to a center. Also, if you choose a stay-at-home caretaker you could be available for a tax credit. A great option is to work together with local parents and create a co-op. Bargain and take turns watching the group of children, splitting time between all the parents. It is a great way to save money, and give your children the social interactions they need.

2. Online grocery shopping: You buy everything else online, why not your groceries? There are many websites available, such as,, and even The items may not be cheaper, but in the long run it will save you money as you are less likely to impulse buy online than seeing the items in store.

3. Borrow/exchange: Baby items can be very expensive. You can save on this by getting second hand. amily and friends are one great option. Websites like and are great ways to make friends and get items for cheap. Craigslist is also great.

4. Save on socializing: "mommy and me' groups/classes can be fun, but they can also get expensive. Instead why don't you create your own local playgroups? websites like and can help you. when they get older, dont enroll them in a bunch of costly sports and classes. Limit them to one or 2, and look online to find free activities.

5. Saving for education: you should start saving for baby's education when they are born, or even while you are pregnant. Start by investing in a 529 savings plan. Open an account on UPromise, which allows friends and family to link their credit cards to your child's 529 plan. Every time they spend with one of Upromise's affiliates, you receive money. It won't cost them a thing but easily adds a few hundred dollars to the 529 account annually,

6. open a health savings account: You can open a health savings account only when you have a high deductible health insurance plan. Keep in mind that many health care plans provided by employers offers a well-baby program; it varies by employers but is designed to assist the mother before and right after pregnancy. These plans usually offer a generous return on investments, Haselton says, and many cover standard expenses associated with health care, including vaccinations.

7. Be resourceful: again, baby items can be quite expensive. Making your own baby food can be one way to save. Brestfeeding, if you can, is a great way to save money. Cloth diapering, though it can be a bit expensive to get started, can save you money on diapers in the long run. If you are crafty you can even make your own diapers and wipes.

8. Life Insurance: One thing parents sometimes don't think about is what will happen to their children financially if something happened to them, and so they don't purchase life insurance. Consider where the financial loss will be should something happen. If both parents are working, purchase for both. If one is a stay-at-home parent, consider whether child care will be affordable without them; if not, purchase for them as well. And don't give in to purchasing life insurance for your baby! He or she does not need it if you and/or your spouse is covered

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