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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser Review

I got the chance to review the Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats who share a water bowl, so I thought this dispenser would be a good way to keep water flowing for them. I really am not very happy with the bowl as it pertains to multiple animals. The humming noise it makes is kind of annoying, but can be dealt with. The bowl is supposed to keep water flowing and keep it from getting dirty, it didn't work very well.  The pets do seem to enjoy drinking out of it, which is good. It does cut down on a little bit of having to refill the water bowl all the time, which is a big help. It comes apart for you to be able to clean easier, which is good but can be a bit more of a hassle compared to a regular water bowl. Overall it is a good product maybe for an animal or 2, but isn't the best for more animals. They like to knock the water everywhere and make a mess, so a mat or towel under would be good. It does tend to hold dirt too. If you want to check it out and try it you can purchase it here

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