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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Why this was one of the best moments of my life

Growing up I got to go to Florida every year for spring break. I had grandparents in Florida that I got to go visit. Most of those years I would get to go to Disney. When I was growing up the characters were able to walk around and you never knew who you were going to see. It was truly magical and I got to see pretty much all of the characters in my years of going. Of course, Mickey and Minnie are the icons of Disney and the characters pretty much everyone wants to see. I am not even sure how many times I got to meet Mickey and Minnie, but I know I have plenty of pictures from my visits.

Once I had kids of my own I knew I wanted them to be able to have the experiences I had growing up. This includes getting to go to Disney and meeting the characters I got to meet.Things are different now, with the characters having specific locations and times to meet them and long lines to have to stand in. It didn't feel quite as magical to me, but I still wanted them to have the experience. i got the privilege of taking my older 2 kids to Disney this year. One thing on my list to do was to make sure they got to meet Mickey and Minnie. When our time came to finally see them, it was magical. I myself felt like a kid again, an felt the excitement. It truly was magical and was one of the best moments of  my life.

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